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Past life regression therapy:;; therapy)---: Helps you to help yourself, so that you can help others);; (Emotions & Breath: Pranayama; getting back into the silence of the cosmos, from the chatterbox-brain; Be compassionate to others' problems, but, don't take it onto your shoulders. That way you can also use the positive energy to help yourself better) (Movie therapy) ( Crafts therapy) (Song therapy);; (Acting therapy) (Dance therapy) (Life-Transforming books)---Spiritual therapy( Important therapy)--People that love money & material cannot get God! (23 minutes in Hell—Bill Wiese) (Heaven/ Hell--Mary K Baxter) (Swami Vivekananda--Heaven/ Hell/ Earth) (Swami sivananda--Soul after death) (Global oneness--Life after death) (Food therapy/ Everyday items...) (Hypnosis Therapy);   ;;   ;;   ;;;;;   (Art therapy/  Jewelry)

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