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  • ( to be positive)
  • (Hard work, passion for the game, persistence)
  •    ( Be responsible from the 'start to finish'../  Enjoy the game; leave the rest to--the WILL of God








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    Entertainment (English/ music--Robert James);  (Song of Salvation/ Swami Sivananda) (English/ Jesus/ I can only Imagine-- with lyrics) (English); (English) (English) ( La Isla Bonita) Euphoria) ( In the middle of the night) (Daddy Cool) (Don't stop believing) (Eye of the Tiger) (Burning Heart) (English) (English) (Justin Timberlake/ English) (Jaron/ English) (Keri Hilson/ English); ( C. Music); (Hindi/ Kannada) ( Guru/ Hindi) (Karnatic/ Hindustani music) ( Kannada) (Kannada) ( Kannada) ( Kannada) ( Kannada Bhajan/ M.S. Subbulakshmi) (Kananda Bhajan/ Bombay Jayashree) (Kannada) (Kannada) (Kannada/ Arathi, Dr. Raj Kumar) (Kannada) (Kannada) (Kannada) ( Kannada) (Kannada) (Kannada) (Sanskrit/ Goddess of victory against all EVIL) (Sanam Marvi) (Hindi/ Bollywood songs) (Hindi/ English) ( Amir Khan); (Hindi)  (Hindi songs) ( Kajol/ Hindi) (1980-1989/ Hindi) (Rani/ Hindi) ( Hindi) (Hindi/ So gaya ye Jahan) (Hindi/.... Usha Uthup and Chitra Iyer) (Hindi) ( Hindi) (Hindi) (Hindi) (Hindi/ Lata Mangeshkar) ( Hindi/ Usha Uthup) (Hindi/ Bhajan) (Vishnu sahasranama/ Sanskrit / 1000 names of God, with, English translation) Sufi Music: Sunta Hai Guru Gyaani - Kabir (Hindi); (Lyrics); saints ( Krishna/ Sanskrit) (Hindi/ Goddess of learning) (Tamil/ Hindi-song/ English-----------How to SING) (South Indian Music) ( Telugu/ Annamacharya)

    Musculoskeletal System;archderm_147_1_21?node_id=amacme_course;archderm147_1_21 (HS) (LBP) (RA criteria) (RA/ Surgery) (Sjogren’s Syndrome/ Diagnosis) (SS/ Meds) (Combination TX, for Bone Density) (Belimumab/ SLE) (MFMN/ Igb) (LF-PN) (Chronic Gout/ Pegloticase AEs). (CP); (LSS / DD of LL pain) (LBP/ Diagnostic Guidelines) (MRI back/ abnormal findings in normal people, too). (Staghorn calculi) (Gout) (Plantar fasciitis) (Ankle Pain); (Aching ankles) (Osteogenesis Imperfecta) (LBP/ OP --TX) (Denosumab/ sCTX-- OP) (LBP) – Guidelines --‘’ (Gout/ HS) (Vertebral fractures/ Sagittal view) (Slipped-- capital femoral epiphysis) (Gout TX) (Gout/ IL-1 beta attacker/ Canakinumab) (Acute Muscular Sarcocystosis) (AS/ Adalimumab, even before radiographic evidence). (OP monitoring....serum values...) (Knee Replacement) (NSAIDS/ OA)

    Eat not too much, or, too litttle of-- salt, sugar, water, rice, fat, meat.

    Eat plenty of fruits, vegatables. Also, have--- grains, nuts and beans. Fish oil, about 1 gm capsule per day is good. Olive oil, about 2 tbsps per day is good, too! (Neck Pain). (Neck Pain/ Exercises). (DVT prophylaxis S/P surgery) (Gout/ Pegloticase) (Abatacept/ RA) (Anakinra/ RA) (RA) (RA/ Pain relief) (CS injections/ Arthritis). (SLE);jama_304_23_2628?node_id=amacme_course;jama304_23_2628 (LSS) (Adhesive capsulitis/ DM-- Older age, Females, Dyslipidemia) (Gout)'s_node (Knee Pain/ Exercises). (RA/ DAS 28, SJC). (GOUT) (Predictors of Lupus activity) 2012&UID=42445(CTS) (OP—Combination TX) (Muscular Dystrophy) 2012&UID=42445 (Hip Pain) (OA/ footwear). (Elderly/ Exercises) (Spinal fusion + laminectomy/ LSS with SL) (Febuxostat-- better than allopurinol/ Gout in women). (RA/ Guidelines) (Arthritis diagnosis/ DD). (Gout) (IA) (Ingrown toe nail) (RA) (CTS). (Frozen shoulder). (Peyronie disease) (Ulnar tunnel syndrome, at the wrist) (ACPA--RA) (Spinal manipulation/ Acute and Chronic back pain) (OP) (Rituximab/ RA) (Metal-on-metal implants) (Tofacitinib/ RA) (RA-- RF for AF/ Stroke) (CT scan/ spondyloarthritis). (Arthritis) (SEs of Zoledronate).

    Osteoporosis - prevention of fragility fractures (P. fasciitis). (RA). (AS) (Arthritis, DDD, Spinal stenosis, Muscle strain, Infections, Inflammations, Cancer, Trauma, Cauda Equina syndrome)

    (Also, the differential diagnosis would be-----Carpometacarpal arthritis of thumb, Cervical radiculopathy, DeQuervain's tenosynovitis, Peripheral neuropathy, Hypothyroidism, Pronator syndrome, Ulnar nerve compressive neuropathy, Radial nerve compression, Vibration white finger, Wrist arthritis). (RF) (TCZ--- 8 mg/ Kg--IV, Q monthly) (Hand OA/ C. SO4) (Hip Fx)

    Knee pain - assessment (new) (OP) (Vit D/ Calcium) (Vit D/ Calcium) (Gout). (Vit D, and, Calcium/ Elderly). (Inflammatory- Myopathies) (Mixed CT disease) (Atypical FXs/ Bisphosphonates) (Hip fx mortality/ elderly women) (RA--TX)

    Knee pain in the recreational athlete ( ACR Criteria for different Rhuematological diseases, including SLE)*** ( ACR criteria for Arthritis of the different joints, including remission & progression)*** ( Epidural Abscess) ( Spinal Cord Emergencies);299/17/2066?node_id=amacme_course;jama299/17/2066 ( LBP) (OP) ( WHO Fx risk assessment tool) ( OP screening in Men) ( LBP--Tx options--Ac/ Chr) ( LBP--SMR/ AS) ( Lumbar Disk Herniation;  Red Flags--CAS, Epidural abscess, Progressive/ Severe Neurological Deficits) ( CTS--Diag) ( Spondyloarthropathies)*** ( Power Doppler US---to monitor RA) ( Psoriatic Arthritis) ( Febuxostat/ Gout) ( RA-- Doses of Anti TNF-a Tx) ( RA) (RA--Criteria for Diagnosis & Remission) *** (OP--Prevention & Tx; Vertebral, Non-Vertebral)*** ( RA--DAS less than  2.6--Methotrexate + etanercept) ( Lyme Tx) ( NSAID + PPI) ( Uricosuric) (RA--Combn Regimen) (Uloric--Gout) (RA--MTX) ( SI Jts/ Hip--Test) (Hand OA) (Benzbromarone for Gout) ( OA Guidelines) ( X-Rays--MRI, for Knee OA)

    NIH Osteoporosis and Related Bone Diseases ~ National Resource Center ( Types of PT) ( OT/ Indications) ( OP--Guidelines); ( Fx Risk)  ; ( OP meds/ CKD) ( Markers of bone & cartilage resorption) (Fibromyalgia & CFS) ( FM) ( FM Syndrome) (Met acidosis) (Tardive Dyskinesia--Metoclopramide) (NMS-Oral Bromocriptine, IV or Oral Dantrolene) (MH-Dantrolene) ( Heel Pain Diagnosis) ( Fibromyalgia) ; ( NSRI)

    Duloxetine--for--Fibromyalgia, Diabetic PN, Depression, GAD (Drug Chart/ Pain Meds) ( Septic Arthritis) ( Methylnaltrexone-- to reverse-- Opioid constipation) ( Ant Knee Pain) (Causes of Rhabdomyolysis)*** (RA--Initial TX) (Myopathies) (OP--TX Guidelines) (OP/ Men) ( Knee Exam Tests) (Drug-Index) (Types of Drugs) (Journal Summaries/ Gout Drugs) ( Back Pain--Analgesics)-- Roland Morris Questionnaire (OA) ( Hip OA)--Western Ontario and McMaster University OA Index. (Tendonitis/ Bursitis) (T.N, Lumbar Pain) ( Cauda Equina Syndrome) ( PT documentation) ( Occ. Hlth Guidelines) ( OT supervision) ( SIJ Syndrome--Geanslen's test/ Patrick's test) ;                     EDS--Lax Jts in Preg.... (OP--Tx)*** ( OA--Primary, Secondary) ( OP/ Prevention & Tx) ( OP/ Serum--Type I collagen Telopeptides) (OP--Tx / Prevention)  ( Pedicle/ Lamina)--Spine ( Test for Herniated Disc) (Cryopyrin associated Periodic Syndrome) (OA) (Disability; Work support)



  (Degenerative Lumbar scoliosis) (Exercising with LBP) (Ex with OP) (Colchicine--CIs) (Implanted nerve pain stimulators for LBP) (Cobb angle to define scoliosis) (Lumbar Spondylosis; in the elderly) (ACJ cyst) (OA--management) (Extended PT & High-dose Vitamin D S/P Hip Fx in the elderly) (Extended PT/ Vit D to prevent second hip FX) (Vit D2 or D3) (Weekly Vit D3 for older adults) (PA in older individuals) (RA; Exercise--Aerobic/ Muscle Strengthening) (OP--Guide) (Predictors of OP-- FXs) (OP)—SS (Soothe joints) (OP) (DAS Calculator)--for RA (RA)******************************* (Spondyloarthritis: Criteria) (PDC for LBP/ Disc herniation) (CLBP: Exercise) (Exercising for arthritis) *********************************** (OA) (Knee OA/ Arthroscopic surgery) (Cervical Radiculopathy) (Clues to Clinical Diagnosis) ;  (Vit D; Cal—for 65 yrs & older). (Tennis Elbow) (Torus Mandibularis) (Earlobe Keloids) (Sjogren Syndrome) (Female Athlete Problems) (Casting/ Splinting) (Prevention & TX of OP) (OP/ Men) (X-Rays & Knee scintigraphy—Knee OA) (OA) (Oral Steroids-- for-- acute gout) ( Hypocalcemia) (Acute Lumbar Disk Pain)  ; ( Isotonic/ Isometric Exercise) (Gout) (Sarcoidosis) (Sarcoidosis) ( Gout) ( Gout--Naproxen/ Prednisolone) ( Disc Herniation: Str Leg Test for L5-S1; Femoral Stretch Test for L2-4) ( Knee Pain--Ottawa rules to R/O Fx; Lachman Test, Drawer Test, McMurray Test) (Sjogren's Syndrome);                        Nail Disorders & Systemic Disease.... (RA) ( Milnacipran for FM) (Casting/ Splinting) ( Osteopoikilosis--DD) ( Use of CS injections for MSK disease) ( Osteopetrosis); (OP/ Men) ( RA--Guidelines) (AS) (RA--Rituximab, MTX) (Elevated PTH level in OP, &, low Vit D levels) (Cervical neck Pain--C3 to C7 disk herniation, or degeneration) (Surgery; Lumbar Degenerative Spondylolisthesis, S.Stenosis) (OA--S & S; X-ray views) (SLE/ Hydroxychloroquine) (RF for Urinary Incontinence) ( Spondylosis--KL 2, 3) ( Spine problems--Elderly--Guidelines) ( Spinal Stenosis) (Chr. LBP) (Cervical Spine Anomaly; DD) ( AS--TNF I); ( AS--MRI) ( LBP--Ac/ Chr) ( S.Stenosis) ( F/U of OA) ( Arthritis) ( Rickets, Osteomalacia)*** ( Vit D, Cal +/- Bisphosphonates) ( Eg. of PT/ OT---OutPt Indications);jama_299_7_806?node_id=amacme_course;jama299/7/806 ( OM) ( Clipboards---PT/ OT/ ST/ DH/ Nursing) ( OT/ Stroke-Paralysis) ( Radiologic Evaluation of Chronic Foot Pain) ( Guidelines to identify the risks for falls)[pointer]=0&tx_cortlandtmagissue_pi1[mode]=1&tx_cortlandtmagissue_pi1[showUid]=1591 (Plantar Fasciitis) (LBP) (Chronic Neck Pain). ( Cauda Equina Syndrome). (TNF-I stopping in RA) (RA)*** (Purple Digits) (Bone Health) (OP) (Gout) (Vision services) (NRIPA) (Audio/ CME) (CME);jama_302_12_1284?node_id=amacme_course;jama302_12_1284 (Mindful Communication) (Primary Care) (Mindful-Meditation)

    Taking Charge;

    Reg Exercise, Monitoring of Diet, avoiding emotional drama;

    Staying connected to family & friends, including online networking. (Biologics) (Surgical Review) (H1N1 meds) (OP--Diagnosis, TX) (DAS Calculator)--for RA (Medical Missions) (IV Ibuprofen for PO Pain); (Secretary of the Dept of Health & Human Services);  (WHO);  (Best places to practice in the USA) -- (RA)

    (IL-6, tumor necrosis factor [TNF] receptor superfamily member 1A, vascular cell adhesion molecule 1, epidermal growth factor, vascular endothelial growth factor A, human cartilage glycoprotein 39, matrix metalloproteinases 1 and 3, CRP, serum amyloid A, leptin, and resistin) was used to generate an MBDA score between 1 and 100).

  (Kellgren Lawrence Grading Scale/ Knee OA) (Vit D/ Elderly) (Knee OA) (Knee OA) (Patch test/Ortho surgery) (AS/ Serum biomarkers) (Zoledronic acid/ ARF) (Acute pain S/P hip Fx/ -- nerve blockade) (RA--criteria/ Referral)


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