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The Soulmate Experience

Most of us experienced times when our ego prevents us from being able to connect with others—for example, when we try to hide our motives, do or say something solely to impress others, criticize or point out defects in someone else, or try to make someone else wrong. By growing more aware of these tendencies, we can be more available for true intimacy.


Love never claims-- it ever gives; love never suffers, never resents, never revenges itself. Where there is love there is life; hatred leads to destruction.

-- Mahatma Gandhi.








Quote: What Women Want from Men----

Here are a few things what do women want men to know--

As women are an emotional species, they love men who are sensitive. Be there for her always, let her know that you care and share your emotions. Spend some quality time with her, no matter how busy you are. The fact that you find time out of your busy schedule just to be with her, will certainly be appreciated.
(Spending quality-time, balancing-money, love, wisdom, spirituality, respect and loyalty—are important for, women). They love surprises and also love to be pampered. Women like men to be generous. Don't be a miser, but don't be a spend thrift either. An occasional gift suddenly out of the blue can win her heart. It's good to go overboard at times, but don't do it often, or else, you'll be shown the door.
Women like men to be loyal. Tell her about your past relationships, if you've had any. Being a man of character will help reap a relationship that is built on trust. Love that is backed up by trust and respect will build a strong relationship that can stand the test of time and life. Never cheat on your woman and never tell her that you cheated on your ex. This won't make her feel that you are trustworthy or wise, but instead it will make you look cheap.
A woman likes to be respected by her man. If she wants to be treated like an equal, then respect her wish. There are times when you'd like to pay for a dinner or a concert, but if she insists on sharing the bill, allow her.



The Soulmate Experience:-
A soulmate love story from Jamie Anne Murray: "Everything is not personal. Someone you love may not love you the way you need—it is about themselves and not about you. When I let go of my desire or need for my husband to give me the emotional intimacy I craved, I was blessed to keep his friendship through divorce and to reconnect with the love of my life who loves me as I wanted all my life. And I had to overcome a lot of fear to connect with him, as there was no certainty as to how it would work. I moved all the way to Portugal because I believed we were meant to be together. And now we are. So trust life and believe you are destined to love and be loved, but let go of where it might come from and then you are free!"
Dig deep into the nature of Love: Sri Sri ravishankar

Keep your heart in a safe place; it is too delicate. Events and small things make strong impressions on it. A precious stone needs a setting around it - gold or silver - to hold it; in the same way wisdom and knowledge are the settings that will hold your heart in the Divine. To keep your heart safe and your mind sane, you cannot find a better place than the Divin...
e. Then the passing time and events will not be able to touch you; they will not create a scar.

Often, you do not know how to respond, or feel obliged and bound, when someone shows a lot of love. The ability to receive genuine love comes with the ability to give love. The more you are centered and know by experience that love is not an emotion; it is your very existence, the more you feel at
home with any amount of love expressed in any manner.

There are three kinds of love. The love that comes out of charm, that which comes out of comfort and divine love. The love that comes out of charm does not last long. It comes out of unfamiliarity or attraction. In this, you lose the attraction fast, and boredom sets in. This love may diminish and bring along with it a fear, uncertainty, insecurity and sadness.

The love that comes out of comfort and familiarity grows, but it has no thrill, no enthusiasm, joy, or fire to it. For example, you are more comfortable with an old friend who is a familiar person rather than with a new person. Divine love supersedes both the above. It has an ever present newness. The closer you go, more charm and depth come to it. There is never boredom and it keeps everyone on their toes.

Worldly love can be like an ocean, yet an ocean has a bottom. Divine love is like the sky which is limitless. From the bottom of the ocean, soar into the vast sky.

Ancient love transcends all these relationships and is inclusive of all the relationships.

Often, one experiences love at first sight. Then as time goes on, it decreases, decays, turns into hatred and disappears. When the same love becomes a tree with the manure of knowledge, it becomes Ancient love that goes from lifetime to lifetime. That is our own consciousness. You are not limited to this present body, this present name, this present form and the present relationships around you. You may not know your past, your ancientness. But just know you are ancient, that is good enough.

When love blows, it is anger: when it ferments, it is jealousy; when it flows, it is compassion and when it glows, it becomes bliss.



I continue to evolve in spiritual understanding.

Change is inevitable. Day becomes night. People and circumstances come and go. As things change, I can choose to accept, to adapt, to appreciate, but most of all, I can choose to learn and grow.

Nature shows us that we die to the old and are reborn in the new. We see leaves turning color each autumn, dropping from tree branches, followed by new growth each springtime. Just as in nature, we must let go of what was in order to grow anew.

I am always in a state of becoming. I embrace change as it allows me to become all I am meant to be. As I move through transitions and evolve in spiritual understanding, I release the past and welcome the fullness of the glorious present, in whatever form it takes.

I die every day! That is as certain, brothers and sisters, as my boasting of you.--1 Corinthians 15:31



When people walk away from you, let them go. Your destiny is never tied to anyone that leaves you, and, it doesn’t mean that they are bad people. It just means that their part in the story is over!


Jesus Daily:-    DEAR FATHER, we beg you to grant us the patience to accept the things we can't change, and the courage to change the things we can. Help us to live one day at a time without fear of tomorrow. Thank You for the tribulations you have allowed in our lives to bring us closer to you. We trust you to give us everything needed. We surrender all. In Jesus' name we pray, Amen!




Daily Guru:


You have so little faith in yourself because you are unwilling to accept the fact that perfect love is in you, and so you seek without (outside) for what you cannot find within.
-- A Course in Miracles


Heaven is not a place or a condition. It is merely an awareness of perfect oneness.
-- A Course in Miracles

Everyone has a psychological bucket that they carry around, and we fill it with our stuff. In the beginning the bucket is empty, and we seem to get away with a lot of things. There seems to be no consequences to our actions.
Eventually, the bucket gets full and the crap starts to hit the fan. It starts to cover everything in our lives and we don’t know where it’s all coming from.
-- The Daily Guru




Daily Word:


This moment I awaken and know … I am whole and free! As I check the clock throughout the day, I may feel hurried or inadequate as time seems to slip away. And yet, in a single moment, I can pause and remember that I am created in god's image and likeness. In that moment, I feel the unconditional love of god and am spared from tension and self-judgment.  Why would I wait one moment longer to free my mind of error thoughts and beliefs? Thoughts of lack or inadequacy are merely figments of my imagination. I awaken now and acknowledge this truth: I have enough and I am enough. I am inspired and ready to do that which god within has called me to do. Moment by moment, I awaken to the truth that I am whole and free!  You know what time it is, how it is now the moment for you to wake from sleep.--Romans 13:11

I give generously and receive abundantly.

God is the great divine energy present everywhere. As a creation of God, I am immersed in and part of that energy. It is in giving generously and receiving fully that I connect with the God-energy in me. When I act thoughtfully towards another, I receive thoughtfulness in return. As I give love to others, I feel more fully loved. As I circulate my financial resources with joy and gratitude, I find that my life is richly blessed with experiences and sustenance that bring me even greater joy. I give thanks for friends and loved ones, for joyful activities and for all the good that life offers. I give generously, receive abundantly and my life is truly blessed. But strive first for the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.--Matthew 6:33


Trust eachother;

Respect eachother;

Understand eachother;

Enjoy eachother.


Soul mate experience: Are there any beliefs YOU'RE holding -- that might be preventing you from -- seeing new possibilities in your life?
The Soulmate Experience

Raising your self-awareness of anything that might prevent you from being authentic with another human being helps to create a healthy inner environment for relationship.


Whole Soul by Dr. Angela

Everything that we don't do, that we want to do, is about our fear of making a commitment to that something we so deeply want.
Life is a precious gift, love is a wonderful gift and laughter is glorious gift. So, live the life to fullest, love with all your heart and laugh as much as you breathe.
Accept what you can't change....change what u can't accept.
True love is not how you forgive, but how you forget, not what you see but what you feel, not how you listen but how you understand, and not how you let go but how you hold on.
True Love loves that someone one even with their worst faults and flaws. Forgiving and Forgetting their wrong doings, Enduring and being Kind always trusting and not easily angered, always trusting and hoping and never failing.
Truth is always victorious!
In theory there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is.
- Yogi Berra


At the level of human beings disease is more of the mind than of the body. Thought is all powerful in controlling the condition of a human being. Naturally, the company we keep decides our fate, both physically and mentally.( ...Saying) ( Keep options open; Don't ever over-do/ keep fairness in give and take)

My divine nature guides my relationships into perfect alignment.

Many people wonder how to find their "special someone" or how to improve their current relationships. Before seeking someone or something outside myself, I first turn within to Spirit. When Spirit takes priority in my life--guiding my thoughts and actions--all my relationships come into spiritual alignment. My oneness with Spirit gives me unparalleled security and joy. I relax in the silence of prayer and replenish my energy and my capacity to give. This positively impacts my partner, my children and my co-workers--as it positively impacts me. As I turn within to Spirit, I experience divine love. This love draws me to the right people and blesses every relationship in my life. I want their hearts to be encouraged and united in love.--Colossians 2:2

Changing consciousness
“Every human has four endowments - self awareness, conscience, independent will and creative imagination. These give us the ultimate human freedom... The power to choose, to respond, to change.”
-- Stephen R. Covey

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Do not see men that are--- married, abusive, or seeing ‘other’ women!

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