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Table 4--- Morphine equivalents...


---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ( Neurological Exam)*****************  

Nervous | Examination *************   

Motor > Normal************  

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------'s.htm ( Rinne's/ Weber's Test) ( ICH) ( HA--Paroxysmal Hemicrania) ( Delerium assessment in Hospitalized Patients) ( Dementia Guidelines in Primary Care) ( 4 -Item assessment of Delerium) ( Anesthesia--Procedural Sedation/ Chronic Pain Guideline/ PCA/ Analgesic Meds in Pregnancy) ***;jama_299_9_1046?node_id=amacme_course;jama299/9/1046 ( Dementia/ Imaging-MMSE-Labs) ( Ear Pain) ( Ear Pain) ( Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome)    ( Smoking Cessation Tx) ( Heel Pain) ( HA) ( Pain Management) ****** ( Frequent unilateral HA) ( Na oxybate--Narcolepsy, Fibromyalgia ?) ( MDD) ( Doxepin,; Primary Insomnia) ( Migraine) (Migraine, Adult ADHD Tx) ( Criteria for Brain Death) ( B/ L-- Alien Hand Syndrome) ( PD) ( PD--Management) ( Dopamine Agonists---Pramipexole, ...) ( PD--Tx of-- Depression, Anxiety, Psychosis, Dementia) ( PD--Ropinirole & L-Dopa) ( L-Dopa / Ropinirole or Pramipexole ( Dopamine agonist) / Selegiline)--PD ( Selegiline-MAOI) (Rasagiline/ PD)  (Lacosamide--Medication refractory- Partial Seizures)[pointer]=0&tx_cortlandtmagissue_pi1[mode]=1&tx_cortlandtmagissue_pi1[showUid]=1843 ( Essential Tremor) ( In Patient Tx of Headache)

Parkinson Disease and Other Movement Disorders ( Diabetic Neuropathy) ( Adult ADHD) ( Body Dysmorphic Disorder)  ; ( Depression & anxiety) ( Emerging Tx in Alzheimer's Disease) ( Alz -Disease)[showUid]=1746 ( ALS)

Pet Scan Helps Distinguish Alzheimer's from Other Dementia (DGNews)  ( ADHD/ SUD/ CD---Anxiety, Depression, Psychosis)*** ( Depression) ( MDD, Dysthymic Disorder, BPD-I/ II, Cyclothymic Disorder) ( ") ( Anxiety Disorders) (Diabetic Neuropathic Pain) (Epileptic Seizures/ Non-Epileptic Spells) (Depression) Lurasidone Improves DSM-5 'Mixed Features' With MDD. Drug Therapy Prevents Panic Attacks, but Relapse Very Common Emotional Instability a Core Feature of ADHD. Fluoxetine Promising for Pediatric Body Dysmorphic Disorder. ( Depression/ Meds) (Dementia) ( Differences of Antipsychotics in Schizophrenia)*** (Anti-Epileptics) ( Pregabalin; add-on Tx for Refractory Partial Seizures) (MS--Betaseron..) (MS--Mc Donald criteria) (Milnacipran; Trazodone--FM) ( Rufinamide/ L-G Syndrome) ( Diagnostic Criteria)  ( BPD/ Maintenance Tx)

Helping Patients Who Drink Too Much, A CLINICIAN'S GUIDE, 2005 ... (BPD) (BPD--Guidelines) (Geriatric Care); (ALZ) (Ch- Inh / ALZ Disease)        ;  ; ( APA) ( State Driving Laws)  ( Seizure Meds) (Pimavanserin/ Parkinson's Psychosis) ( Clinical characteristics of TBI);archneur_65_9_1169?node_id=amacme_course;archneur65/9/1169 ( CE Stroke)  ( ICH---Management) ( ICH) ( Ischemic Stroke);  ( Cardioembolic--20 % of Ischemic strokes--Warfarin) ( Stroke Prevention--Antiplatelet Tx) ( Crptogenic Stroke);archneur_65_5_607?node_id=amacme_course;archneur65/5/607 ( Ish. Stroke--tPA in pts with prior AP therapy) ( Trauma/ CT scanning....on whom, + IV contrast after checking BMP...?).  ( Stroke Rehab--for Primary Care). ( Ac. Stroke--Early Rehab) ( Endovascular stents for Idiopathic ICH) ( Clozapine/ fewer EP--SE) (A-Z) **************** (Alcohol WS--TX) (Haloperidol--IA/ LA; BPD/ Irritability, Schizophrenia) (CBT + Med; for Insomnia) (OCD) (Emotional Dysfunction in parents...) (Watching parents fight...) (ALZ Disease; TYM test--S/ S/ PPV/ NPV) (ALZD; benefits of TX) (CPAP vs. Bi-PAP; Sleep Disorders) (Tilt Table Testing; Autonomic) (Quetiapine Dosage) (Migraine HA) (Migraine) (Headache Specialist)**** (PET to classify the 3 types of Dementia) (Sleep apnea; Epworth SS/ Berlin  Questionnaire, Mallampati scoring) (fMRI --to differentiate between BPD mania & MDD) (Parkinson’s disease; early effects) (Exercise; Parkinson’s disease) (Pain Guideline for older patients) (Sczhizophrenia; I & II gen Anti-psychotics) (OCD; TX) (Quetiapine) (Quetiapine) (OCD: Quetiapine + SSRI). ; (Chr. Pain; BPD) (Buprppion); (Bupropion) (Buspirone); (Buspirone) ; (Trazodone) (Pralidoxime--Nicotinic SE/ Atropine--Muscarinic SE); ; (Alcohol; Standard Drink) (Almotriptan; Ac. Migraine) (Lamotrigine; Adjunctive therapy--Partial seizures—age older than 13 yrs) (Exercise; Parkinson’s disease) (IV levetiracetam -- for -- Status Epilepticus) (Mononeuritis Multiplex) (Munchausen Syndrome by proxy) (Trigeminal Neuralgia; Diag/ TX) ( Excessive Sleepiness) ( Excessive Sleepiness) ( Chr. Insomnia) (Insomnia) ( Insomnia) ( CPAP; IPAP/ EPAP--OSA)--Guidelines ( Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorders) ( Dementia/ Pharmac Guideline) (CSF biomarkers/ AZD) (Clonazepam for Chronic Pain Disorders) (Exercises for Anxiety & Depression) (Dementia) 2 Tool for assessment of Concussion) (MCI) (SRA for rec. Migraine) (Prophylactic drugs for migraine) (ALZ Disease; Combo TX);archneur_66_12_1469?node_id=amacme_course;archneur66_12_1469 (CSF & PiB-PET imaging: biomarkers for AZD prediction) (Dementia: When to refer?) (Escitalopram most effective in severe disease) (Borderline PD) 2010&UID=42445 (SSRIs) (Talpentadol) (Tramadol) (BPD) (Botox for UL spasticity) (TIA) (Atorvastatin SEs) (Ac Stroke) (Stroke; Slide show) (MSCC)--SC (Medical complications of stroke) (Dep/ Alc---Sertraline/ Naltrexone)

Donepezil, galantamine, rivastigmine (review) and memantine for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease (2) 2007 addendum. (3) 2009 addendum.

Antisocial personality disorder. Treatment, management and prevention. (Quetiapine dosing) (Quetiapine: Indications) (Dopamine agonists for early Parkinson’s disease) (Exercise; Parkinson’s disease) (Antipsychotic/ Elderly; Parkinsonism, Stroke, DM);jama_303_10_967?node_id=amacme_course;jama303_10_967 (Glioma) (Ex for POLIO) (BPD: Mood stabilizers & Anti-psychotics)  (Fibromyalgia) (Migraine: ASA 1000mg / Sumatriptan 50 mg +/- metoclopramide) (Life stresses/ Dementia) (NP Pain) SCZ) (Sertraline/ Naltrexone: Dep + Alc) ( NP-Pain:  Meds) (Oxymorphone ER-oral) (Mood Monitor-Q tool) (Opiod induced Hyperalgesia) (APT / TL in Ischemic- stroke) (Spinal & Bulbar Muscle Atrophy) (ADRs: Antidepressants, Cholinomimetics, Antipsychotics) (IBS/ Pelvic floor disorders)

Neurological, genetic, environmental findings said to shed light on essential tremor.

Adding a Dopamine Agonist to Preexisting Levodopa Therapy vs. Levodopa Therapy Alone in Advanced Parkinson's disease: A Meta Analysis (DAs + LD?) (SN hearing loss) (10% oxybutynin gel for OAB) (NF) *** (Guideline: TIA/ Stroke) (Antipsychotics)********************************************* (Psychopath)************ (Screen for Depression)****************** (OCD) (FTD/ MND--Antipsychotics don’t help...?) (Type of antidepressant to use?) (Schizophrenia) (Solifenacin: OAB) (BPD: Quetiapine for Dep & Paroxetine for Anxiety) (BP Depression: Quetiapine is better than Li) (Quetiapine Dosing) (IM-Risperidone LA injection/ Schizophrenia/ Q 2 wkly) (TX of the 3 phsses of BPD) (Exercising with Epilepsy) (ALS: Exercise) (IC Venous thrombosis/ anticoagulation) (Neurosurgery: Conditions/ Sports Concussions) (Mirtazapine; Mechanism of action) (Bupropion; Mech of action) (Buspirone; Mech of action) (Venlafaxine ER: For MDD) (PD features: Levodopa); ; (Bupropion: for Dep, Smoking) (Plasma leptin levels; ALZD) (Pediatric HAs) (Nortriptyline; Mech of action) (SZDs) (Treatment-Resistant Depression) (ADD meds; Mech of action); (Atomoxetine) (darifenacin, OAB) (Darifenacin); (Movement Disorders) (OSA & Circadian Rhythm Disorders) (Sleep Disorders: Monograph)******* (Preventive Care; Down’s syndrome) (ADD meds) (ADD meds) (Anxiety Disorders--1) (Anxiety Disorders—2) (ICDs with Dopamine Agonist Therapy)

Anticonvulsants in the treatment of major depressive disorder: an overview (MDD) (MDD; Types of Depression)

Evaluating the maintenance of effect of duloxetine in patients with diabetic peripheral neuropathic pain (DNP--Pain)

Gabapentin Enacarbil in Restless Legs Syndrome: A Phase 2b, 2-Week, Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial (RLS: gabapentin) (MS) (MS) (INF-beta 1a) (INF-beta 1b) (Biologic therapy) (Biologic therapy) (Biological therapy) (Monoclonal Abs) (Devic’s disease) (Schizophrenia; Paliperidone injections) (DaTSCAN for movement disorders)

Using oral ziprasidone effectively: the food effect and dose-response (Oral Ziprasidone)

Sexual side-effects of contemporary antidepressants: review (Depression & Pregnancy) (OCD; TX)

Extended-release quetiapine fumarate (quetiapine XR): a once-daily monotherapy effective in generalized anxiety disorder. Data from a randomized, double-blind, placebo- and active-controlled study (ER Quetiapine for GAD) (Buspirone) (Buspirone) (Quetiapine) (Bupropion);archinte_170_9_804?node_id=amacme_course;archinte170_9_804 (Stroke/ Basic management);archneur_67_6_699?node_id=amacme_course;archneur67_6_699 (ALZD/ food);archneur_67_5_559?node_id=amacme_course;archneur67_5_559 (AIS/ tPA) (ALZ Disease--Slide show) (Vascular Dementia) (SDB) (SWD)************* (Tension HA) (Medication overuse HA) (Cluster HA) (Cluster HA; Pt hand-out) (Cluster HA) (Cluster HA) (Migraine HA) (RLS),5,9;journal,64,67;linkingpublicationresults,1:300307,1 (PD; Dopamine agonists) (Ativan--Lorazepam); (Haloperidol) ; ; (Excessive daytime sleepiness) (PHN) (Antidepressants) (Epidural Hematoma; Song) (MDD) (MDD/ Desvenlafaxine) (GAD; Quetiapine) (Desvenlafaxine, Duloxetine --for--MDD) (ED/ PE—Men) (Aripiprazole: for, Mania & Depression) (Ziprasidone for SZP) (TX resistant Depression) 2010&UID=42445(Sudden Amnesia: Cardiac Echo, Carotid US, MRI/ MRA—Brain)

New Test May Detect Early Alzheimer's disease  

(The cognitive test is quick to use, examines 10 skills, and reportedly detects 93% of cases of Alzheimer's disease) (ALZ disease: Memantine+ Donepezil) ; (MS F/U; NP tests & MRI) (OCD) (Dementia/ Diagnosis) (BPD; Li + Valproate for prevention of mania & dep relapse) (TIA--Management) (Exercising following a Stroke) (Second generation antidepressants) (ALZ disease) (How to diagnose ALZ disease) (How to deliver the diagnosis of ALZ disease) (Stages of ALZ Disease) (Bell’s Palsy) (HINTS)—to R/O stroke (Cluster HA) (Chronic pain TX--Guidelines) (EP signs-- linked with Cognitive decline in ALZD) (Predictors of Dementia) (Wilson ’s disease); (Depression in Primary Care);jama_303_22_2280?node_id=amacme_course;jama303_22_2280 (ICH/ Stroke) (Serotonin agonists & antagonists) (Screening for RLS warranted in IBS) (QUETIAPINE) (Migraine) (ADHD: CBT)

Meta-cognitive therapy focuses on providing contingent self-reward, dismantling complex tasks into manageable parts, and sustaining motivation toward distant goals. (MS--Diag) (MS--TX) (Zolpidem WD) (Combination TX for AZD) (Schizophrenia/ Risperidone LA inj.) (Pain management -- Abuse deterraent program) (Pain management-- Multimodal TX) (SCI & Infertility-- in men) (Quetiapine dosing--BPD, SZP, Depression); (Risperidone) (GBS-- SCLC, Infections) (SCZ VS. TBI)

C:\Documents and Settings\swaroopa ramdas\Desktop\Management of patients with stroke or TIA assessment, investigation, immediate management and secondary prevention_ A n.mht (Management of Stroke: Guideline) (ER--Dalfampridine/ MS--To increase walking speed) (FM/ Meds) (Fibromyalgia) (Cough suppressant)--CIs for use (Dementia/ Stroke)

Head injury. Triage, assessment, investigation and early management of head injury in infants, children and adults. (Asymptomatic CS/ TCD) (Lamotrigine/ Best AED for elderly pts with Epilepsy)

Borderline personality disorder: treatment and management. (Exercise: Cerebral Palsy) (Lymphocytic Hypophysitis) (Parkinson’s disease) (Darifenacin—OAB) (“) (Memantine; D2 receptor agonist; NMDA receptor antagonist) (NMDA receptor antagonists) (Amantadine -Dopaminergic/ Anticholinergic/ NMDA receptor antagonist) (Augmentation therapy for Depression) (Screening for Depression) (Dementia Meds) (Stroke TX/ Prevention) 2010&UID=42445 (PTSD) (Exercise following a brain injury) (PD) (MAO-Is for PD)

Depression. The treatment and management of depression in adults. (CNS Symptoms/ Atrial Myxomas)  (ALS guidelines from the AAN) (BPD; Meds) (Predictors of desaturation of O2 during sleep) (NF-- 1 & 2) (Oral meds for MS) (Legius Syndrome) (Exercising with MR) (Ex. with MD) (TX of LUT Disorders) ; (Mech of action of cGMP-PDE5-Inhibitors) (Statins for Women: Primary prevention) (MS)***SS (Treatment resistant depression) (RLS) (Anxiety Disorders) (Altepase/ Stroke) (SZP--Yoga & exercise)  (MDD/ TBI--before, during, after) (MS: IN ophthalmoplegia);

Care of the patient with aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage.;  

Care of the patient with seizures. 2nd edition.

Guide to the care of the hospitalized patient with ischemic stroke. 2nd edition.;   

Nursing management of adults with severe traumatic brain injury.

Neurologic assessment of the older adult. A guide for nurses. ( National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale, Modified Rankin Score) ( RLS); ( RLS----NEDA as Tx) ( TN) (SZDs) ( PML)[showUid]=1750 ( Narcolepsy)  ( CFS/ Tool Kit).[showUid]=1754 ( CFS) (disability cert) ( Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) (Lamictal/ BPD, Seizures/ Indications) (Convulsions; In a public setting) (podcast)****** (Benzodiazepines: Drug Information) (Status Epilepticus)*** (S.Epilepticus) (HA; Types); (Anxiety Disorders: Effective Primary Care); (GAD); (HA; Types) ( Secondary/ Tertiary amines); (Buspirone): (SSRIs); (Trazodone); (Mirtazapine)** (Bupropion); (Nerve Damage; Forearm)

Insomnia and Its Impact: Understanding Daytime Dysfunction and Important Comorbidities --



Listen to an audio-visual presentation of this interview (OCD)

Screening for Bipolar Depression in the Family Practice Setting

Treating Bipolar Depression in the Family Practice Setting ( M. Sclerosis); ****;archotol_133_1_73?node_id=amacme_course;archotol133/1/73  ( Meniere's Disease) ***, In- Gold, Nitrofurantoin)


 (Fatigue--types) (NM blockers); (BPD--Acute Mania, Maintenance, Dep) ( CE) (Depression in Teens)  (Anti-Depressants for Fibromyalgia) (Milnacipran for Fibromyalgia).

Alleviating the Burden of Fibromyalgia: A Psychiatrist’s Approach (Chiari--Symptoms) (Depression)

Augmentation in the Treatment of Major Depressive Disorder: The Role of Atypical Antipsychotics (NMS) (SS) (Meperidine) ; (Escitalopram, Sertraline--Ac. Depression)   ;

The Importance of Diagnosis of BPD and Effective Management

Data regarding relapse of schizophrenia symptoms. Olanzapine, risperidone, and sertindole were superior to first-generation antipsychotic medications

(ANTIDEPRESSANTS/ How they work?) (OCD) (DBS) (Rethinking Drinking) (Metoclopramide/ Tardive Dyskinesia). (Bereavement--Defn). (Respite-Care) ( Depression--1) ;  Table 1  ( conditions that can present with depression) ( Depression--2) ;  Table 1 and Table 2 summarize the various classes of antidepressants with their main neurotransmitter actions ( MS) ( NF) (Eating Disorders) ( Tetrabenazine/ Huntington's..) ( Schizophrenia & related disorders) (Excessive Sleepiness) (Treatment Options for Insomnia) (Sleep D; Excessive- Sleepiness) ( Insomnia)  (OCD) ( OCD/ SSRI) (Sciatica; TX) (Sciatica) (Neurocysticercosis) (Delirium) (Fibromyalgia) (SNHL) (Carotid dissection: stroke) (NF-- 1 & 2) (Pancoast tumor) (Horner Syndrome) (LMS) (Febrile Seizures; Simple / Complex); (TCAD- for Dep in PD) ; ( Seizures--Neurocysticercosis/ AIDS/ Malaria); ( MOH) ( ADHD--Adults); ( Seizures--HIV inf) ; ( Recognizing & Managing  psychotic & mood disorders in Primary Care); ( Lack of sleep causes ‘psych-problems’ & ‘negative view’ of the World) ; ( Stroke/ TIA--Guidelines); ; ( Delirium);  ( Management/ Delirium); (Delirium--Hospitalized Patients) (Chr. Insomnia). (Diabetic PNP) (Phantom limb pain) (Pregabalin--DPN, PHN, PS, FM). (Depression/ Elderly/ Tests) (Emotional Intelligence) (PP Dep/ Counseling) (OSA/ Meds) (HA) (BPD) (BPD--Meds? SE) (PTSD/ Screens) (First-line agents for those who want to quit smoking) (Early Diagnosis of AD) (Olanzapine/ Fluoxetine--TX resistant Depression). (Sleep & Lifestyle diseases). (Decorticate & Decerebrate posturing) (CNS)  (Chr. Insomnia--Nonpharmacologic management). (U. Incontinence) (Excessive daytime sleepiness) (tPA--Stroke guidelines) (Dexmedetomidine; Delirium; ICU patinets) (ALZ disease TX) (TYM Test for Alzheimer’s disease) (Wernicke’s encephalopathy; K. Psychosis--Beri Beri) (EMGdi--CSA vs. OSA) (Consciousness, Coma, Brain Death); (Brain Death) (Stroke--Causes) (ICH) (AF) (IVC filters) (TBI--Symptom checklist) (Sports related concussions/ Children);archneur_67_7_802?node_id=amacme_course;archneur67_7_802 (CIDP) (Arterial ammo nia)  (DEMENTIA/ Driving assessment); (Sedation in the ED) (Sleep Disorders)

Alcohol - problem drinking ;   Neuropathic pain - drug treatment (CSF biomarkers for Dementia) (ALZD) (Fingolimod/ MS-- oral TX) (Ketamine/ Depression) (MS)

Mitoxantrone(inf/ Quaterly) is Pregnancy Category D. The interferons(inj) and natalizumab(inf/Q- m) are Category C, and glatiramer acetate(inj) is Category B.

Post-traumatic stress disorder;jama_304_7_779?node_id=amacme_course;jama304_7_779 (CAM/ Delerium) (ALZ-- Disease)*** (Amines--P/S/T). (TCADs). (Bell’s palsy) (Cubital tunnel syndrome) (Ulnar tunnel Syndrome) (Risperidone/ ALZD) (Sepsis/ AF/ Stroke). (Cerebral aneurysms) (Adult ADHD) (Frailty)--Frail- tool. (Conscious sedation/ Colonoscopy) (Youth sports & concussion)

Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (new) ; Vestibular neuronitis (new); Delirium (new) (Xanthochromia; SAH) (Depression/ Deep TCMS) (Elderly Depression/ Acute: ER Quetiapine). (Bullying);jama_306_13_1468?node_id=amacme_course;jama306_13_1468 (NHs) (Fosphenytoin/ CV --SEs). (SSRIs/ PPHTN of NB..?). (SS) (AA/ Nalmefene) (Lexapro/ hot flashes) (Citalopram/ SEs) (Stroke/ tPA) (Fish poisoning) (NMO) (ALZD) (ALZD/ CTscan) (Stroke/ tPA) (Perampanel/ seizures) (Dementia/ Beta amyloid ratios) (Cognition—MMSE; Delirium----CAM) (Insomnia). (QD/ INH--Antipsychotic--for anxiety, in BPD or Schizophrenia). (Insomnia/ Drugs) (Gabapentin enacarbil/ PHN) (Pomalidomide/ MS) (MS/ Botox-- for tremors) (Episodic Cluster HAs/ Li, Verapamil) (Acute Mountain Sickness). (SA stroke/ Robotic training). (T. Myelitis/ NMO Abs) (Dementia/ MCI) (Psychostimulants/ Apathy) (Post- Operative Delirium) (MS/ Glatiramer better than IF-Beta 1 a) (Winter -2012, Concussion).;jama_306_12_1359?node_id=amacme_course;jama306_12_1359 (Atypical antipsychotics/ elderly—Dementia psychosis). (Meperidine). (Pramipexole-- PD, RLS—AEs) (Celiac Disease/ Brain abnormalities) (Opioids/ Urine drug monitoring). (ED) (Diet/ to decrease stroke). (Stress in Pregnancy/ PTD, fewer boys). (MS/ Glatiramer) (Delirium/ Elderly) (Concussion) (Stroke Rehab) (SAH) (ApoA1/ HDL) (Restenosis/ CAS or CEA-- Ipsilateral Stroke risk) (AF/ CKD--Warfarin VS. ASA) (CAS/ RFs) (RP/ Vardenafil) (Antioxidant-rich diet/ decreased stroke risk). (Hearing loss in older adults) (TX Pre-HTN, to reduce stroke risk). (PPP---BPD). (Psych problems/ U.S. adolescents). (Post-natal depression/ Partner Abuse). (ET) (Dementia/ CSF findings) (PD/ Depression TX) (PD, LBD, AD) (ALZD/ CSF markers) (PD) (Migraine prevention);archneur_68_5_573?node_id=amacme_course;archneur68_5_573 (Avoid statins after ICH). (Haloperidol) (Antidepressants/ QT increase or QT decrease) (Insomnia/ Orexin receptor antagonists) (PD/ Resistance training, Tai Chi, Stretching exercise);jama_305_16_1702?node_id=amacme_course;jama305_16_1702 (AHF) (ICDs) (RDW) (Locked-in Syndrome) (CAS) (CVD prevention/ Women) (PCSK9/ LDL receptor) (Cerebral Venous Thrombosis/ Stroke--Imaging & TX) (PTSD/ EMDR- TX) (PTSD) (Hospice Care) (Cerebellar Hemangioblastoma) (MS-- TIW --SQ injs./ 44 mcg of IF Beta 1a) (Donepezil/ ALZD). (Status Epilepticus) (Stroke/ RFs) (ASA resistance) (ALS) (Mexiletine/ Non-dystrophic Myotonias) (Hypokalemic Hypothyroid Periodic Paralysis). (TX of brain AVMs). (Frontal HA/ CSF...);archneur_68_8_1005?node_id=amacme_course;archneur68_8_1005 (RCVS). (Pregabalin/ RLS) (Konzo) (SUI, UUI, MI/ UDT) (Pregabalin/ NP pain S/P SCI) (off label use of antipsychotics) (Anorexia/ hospital feeding). (Local Anesthesia) (Scorpion stings) (Sleep DB/ MCI, stroke, HF) (Delirium/ Causes) (Botox/ Migraine) (Memantine/ compulsive buying) (Lithium/ Valproate--BPD mania) (IV -IGb---- in NMDs) (Antipsyhotic, antiemetic, weak anticholinergic, antidopaminergic ?). (Topiramate prophylaxis/ Rizatriptan acute TX-- for migraine). (Sleep Apnea) (Seizures/ Midazolam- IM, Lorazepam-IV) (US guided injections, for Cervical Radiculopathy). (MS/ TX) (ED/ Meds) (MI/ Antipsychotics) (Migraine prophylaxis/ Topiramate 50 mg- am/ 25 mg- pm; Divalproate 500 mg-qd) (Social interaction/ older adults). (Premature Ejaculation). (Occipital nerve stimulation). (Vascular Dementia) (Off-label use of Antipsychotics). (PN) (Intracranial stent/ Indications) (ALZD/ Reference to specialists) (MHDs/ Prevalence) (TGs) (Dementia) (Cyst in the ventricles) (PD/ Resistance training) (NH care). (Fungal Meningitis) (MS/ Natalizumab) (ALZD/PET- Imaging) (Depression/ Self-help TX). (EOL care) (Antipsychotics/ Elderly) (OSA/ CVI). (Elder Abuse) (HAD) (Psychostimulants../ Mech of action). (Teriflunomide/ MS). (Mindfulness training reduces psychological distress). (Pregabalin/ indications). (Loxapine/ BPD, Schizophrenia) (“) (Stroke imaging) (Memantine/ not in--- mild ALZD) (ALZD/ Guidelines) (ALZD/ markers--Cognitive, CSF, Brain

scan) (Acute altitude sickness). (Fosphenytoin). (Memantine) (DCD) (Rotigotine TD system/ RLS, and, PD) (RLS/ Gabapentin) (Old age care) (Stroke-care protocols). (GBS) (Newer generation anti-epileptic drugs/ no birth defects) FDA OKs Buprenorphine Implant (Probuphine) for Opioid Dependence. New Practice Guidelines on Antipsychotic Use in Dementia. Toxin Beats Neuromodulation for Overactive Bladder. (CBT/ Depression) (DPN/ Duloxetine, Pregabalin) (ER Gabapentin/ Hot flashes) (CVST) (Panic Disorder);archneur_68_7_862?node_id=amacme_course;archneur68_7_862 (CIDP/ Immunotherapy) (MS/ Natalizumab). (Meningitis) (Atypical Antipsychotics/ Elderly) (Anatomical Ischemia/ Inferior Spinal Cord) (C-SSRS) ****** (Psychological Disability) (MG) (Immunotherapy/ Intractable Epilepsy) (Antipsychotics/ thrombotic events) (Premature Ejaculation). (MS/ R & R type/ Oral fingolimod) (MS/ Natalizumab) ; (MS) (Lisdexamfetamine/ Adult ADHD) (Dementia/ Suicides) (Biomarkers of Acute Brain Injury) (Severe Depression/ Late-life);jama_306_7_746?node_id=amacme_course;jama306_7_746 (Caregiver/ Elderly);jama_306_1_79?node_id=amacme_course;jama306_1_79 (Concussion Injury Tool) (Epilepsy surgery) (Benzodiazepine receptor agonists) (Hypnotics/ Insomnia) (DBS/ Epilepsy) (Ciguatera fish poisoning) (Laser ablation/ Surgery) (Midazolam/ Seizures) (OCD) (Medical decision capacity)--ACE (MS; Diagnosis) (Tuberous Sclerosis/ PK inhibitor) (DM1)--Myotonic Dystrophy type 1 (Tension type HA). (SA/ Elderly) (GAD);jama_305_10_1018?node_id=amacme_course;jama305_10_1018 (CDR scale of 2 or higher/ old age driving) (Tapentadol for Pain) (Topiramate/ SEs) (CFS---CBT/ GET/ SMC) (Post-partum Depression) (Dementia/ causes) (Thoracic outlet syndrome) (TBI/ HD changes) (CHI/ PET imaging) (Refractive epilepsy/ early surgery). (Sturge-Weber syndrome) (Dementia screening tools) 2010&UID=42445 (Tinnitus/ triage) (National Association of Continence) (Wound, Ostomy & Continence Nurses’ Society); (Post postatectomy incontinence);archneur_68_1_58?node_id=amacme_course;archneur68_1_58 (CIs for mild ALZD; Memantine for severe ALZD ?) (Botulinum toxin A/ cerv. dystonia) (Bath salts). (Infant Regulatory problems---Later Behavioral Issues) (ICH/ RFs) (Depression TX);jama_305_7_698?node_id=amacme_course;jama305_7_698 (Finances in the older patient) (Sleep Apnea) (Whiplash) (Insomnia) (Alcohol/ HDL) (Air Pollution) (Fingolimod/ AEs/ MS) (MS/ Teriflunomide) (Concussion/ SCAT 2; ImPACT ‘Q”) (Stroke/ RFs) (ICH/ AC reversal) (Tapentadol for chronic pain). (Borderline Personality Disorder) (Behavior TX for sleep) (Citalopram/ SEs) (SS goiter/ OSA) (ED/ N-V dysfunction). (PD/ Levodopa/ Neuropathy);jama_305_3_284?node_id=amacme_course;jama305_3_284 (LTC/ PAC) (Citalopram) Ketamine Provides Rapid, Sustained Reductions in Suicidal Ideation. (ALZD/ PET—Florbetapir) (MS/ Natalizumab) (Stroke TX--Timings/ F-U) (Pulse Pressure) (Diffuse white matter disease). (Genetic link of 5 major Psychiatric disorders) (Red flags/ Spinal cancer) (Duloxetine/ PN) (Topical Benzocaine/ Meth hemoglobinemia) (Fingolimod Precautions) (Insomnia) (Dabigatran/ Stroke) (SAH/ SLE) (Antidepressants) (Neuropathy) (Daclizumab/ MS) (MS/ Alemtuzumab (Pain relief without pills) (fall prevention/ Elderly) (Fibromyalgia meds) (Stroke/ Rehab) (aSAH)

1.        Your patient is a 53-year-old woman with aSAH. According to the new guidelines by Connolly and colleagues from the AHA Stroke Council and other professional societies, which of the following statements about new class I recommendations for management of aSAH is correct?

Answer: Immediate cerebrovascular imaging should be performed after any aneurysm repair
Except for aneurysms previously diagnosed by noninvasive angiography, DSA with 3D rotational angiography is indicated to detect aneurysm in patients with aSAH. This modality is also indicated for planning treatment to determine whether an aneurysm is amenable to coiling or to expedite microsurgery. Early identification and targeted treatment of heparin-induced thrombocytopenia and deep venous thrombosis are recommended, but further research is needed to identify the optimal screening strategy.

2.        According to the new guidelines by Connolly and colleagues from the AHA Stroke Council and other professional societies, which of the following statements about new class II recommendations for management of aSAH is correct?

Answer: In the acute phase of aSAH, it is reasonable to aggressively control fever to a goal of normothermia
It is reasonable to perform a complete assessment, including cognitive, behavioral, and psychosocial evaluation, after discharge. Transcranial Doppler is a reasonable test to monitor for the development of arterial vasospasm, and perfusion imaging with computed tomography or magnetic resonance can help detect regions of potential brain ischemia. It is reasonable to aim for a systolic blood pressure of less than 160 mm Hg, although the intensity of blood pressure control needed to lower the risk of rebleeding has not been determined. (Adult hearing loss) (HA/ HIV) Turning Sign-- May Help Identify Alzheimer's.




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