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Nephrology ************** ( Clinical Practice Guidelines) ( Publications, Protocols, algorithms). ( Renal Protection--Pre & Post PCI) (CIN) *** (CME; NKF) (RTA--Types/ TX)

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ( Fe Def Anemia) ( Post-Partum Fe Def. Anemia) ( Chemotherapy related Anemia)

Unusual diagnosis in an African American  (P. Anemia)

Hemochromatosis: A new look at a familiar disease (Anemia in CKD) (Anemia management)

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Calciphylaxis) (Calciphylaxis; with, normal -- Renal & PT function) (Overnight Dialysis; in ESRD) ( Hematuria--Tx Guidelines) (CI--Nephropathy) (ASA + Dipyradimole/ HD graft patency) (Nocturnal HD) (ATN VS. AIN) (Ferumoxytol; CKD) ( Renal Transplant/ I-S Meds) ( RTA) ( Drug-induced Nephrotoxicity)  ; ( Kidney Stones) Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis May Occur Years after Gadolinium Exposure. Denosumab Combo Curbs- Hyperparathyroidism in Dialysis Patients.; Iron Salt Reduces Use of Erythropoiesis-Stimulating Agent in Dialysis Patients (Teriparatide; Indications) (Decreasing the incidence of CIN)**************** (AS-RAD; Stent placement vs. Medical TX) (CKD; Hyperkalemia) (CIN; Cr & Cystatin C) (Cystatin C) (Urinary Incontinence/ Women) (BPH—TX) (Kidney Transplantation). (Algorithm for routine HCV infection surveillance in Outpatient HD units). (Diagnostic Tests for Refractory HTN—RAS) ( BPH/ When to Tx) ( Hematuria--Tx Guidelines) ( Urge Incontinence--Tolterodine/ Pelvic Exercise) ( ACR) ( U. Incontinence) ( Ac. Urinary Retention) (Kidney Failure) (CKD)--Slide - show (DM—Microvascular complications)--SS (GFR; UACR)

Renal artery stenosis (CMV prophylaxis in Transplants) (Measures of Kidney Function) (ACEI; Hyperkalemia) (NaHCO3 to prevent contrast nephropathy) (Gadolinium associated NSF)  (CKD; Intervention..) (Exercising with ESMD) (Nephrotic Syndrome)

Chronic kidney disease - identification, evaluation and management of patients (SWL) (Darifenacin; OAB) (CKD; Carotid endarterectomy) (RD: Creatinine, U/A, Renal US, GFR, Proteinuria) (Nutrition Def correction) (DASH diet; HTN, Kidney stones) (Fe therapy) (Proteinuria) (Telmisartan/ HCTZ)—CKD 2010&UID=42445--(Anemia & CKD)

Level of renal function at which to initiate dialysis.;  

Mode of dialysis at initiation.;  

Other criteria for starting dialysis. (To prevent contrast induced kidney injury) (RTA) ***** (CKD) (Mortality prediction in patients with ESRD)*******


IDENTIFICATION, DIAGNOSIS, AND MANAGEMENT OF CHRONIC KIDNEY DISEASE AND SECONDARY HYPERPARATHYROIDISM (KDOQI Guidelines) (EP: Stroke, HTN, Thrombosisi) (The Geriatric Nutrition Index) (Radiological evaluation of RV - HTN) (SE of gadolinium based contrast) (CI meds in Dialysis pts) (P, Cal, PTH---Mortality in CKD) (RAS--Revascularization vs. medical TX) (CPPS/ CP)--Men--Pelvic Pain (Correction of Fe deficiency in CKD)--ferumoxytol (TIBC, Trasferrin) (CKD: Proteinuria, GFR, Creatinine) (CKD; CRP) (Referrals for CKD) (PTX, &,Cal supplementation--CKD) (AKI/ Pneumonia) (Insulin before & after HD) ( U. Cath) ( PSA, Rectal US, Uroflowmetry--for BPH) ( Erectile Dysfunction),4047,550166,00.html ( ED)

Treatment of overactive bladder in primary care practice (OAB) ( Advances in management of OAB) ( Drug Dosing/ CKD) (Nephropathy/ meds) (UT symptoms/ BPH) (NS);jama_304_4_452?node_id=amacme_course;jama304_4_452 (S. syndrome)

Polycythaemia/erythrocytosis (CKD/ PrimaryCare) (MRI/ Contrast agents) (Diuretics in HF) (Leg Cramps)

LUTS in men, age-related (prostatism) (Kidney Failure) (Restricted Cl TX—Prevents AKI) (DRI + ARB—early CKD) (Sevelamer/ P) (RI/ RFs) (Na & K excretion--Risks and benefits). (UT) (UTI) (Microscopic hematuria) (UI/ Botox) (Slow gait/ CKD) (HUS) (Robotic Surgery/ Urologic) (Embolization/ BPH) (Predictors of bad outcome in Ac. Pancreatitis) (Diuretic/ SEs). (Microscopic hematuria in adults/ prone for ESRD). (Podocyturia/ mid-gestation/ PET). (7-9 % Hgb A1C---DM--on Dialysis). (Interdialytic period/ mortality) (Urology/ Implanted cardiac devices) (CKD/ MetS) (BP changes in HD) (Kidney stones) (OAB/ Mirabegron) (IC) (Allopurinol) (Vit D/ production and activation) (Triamterene Kidney stones).,1 (Ureteral calculi -- in a middle aged woman). (CKD/ Fibrates) (Blood work in HD). (CKD--Ezetimbe/ Statins) (Cystatin C) (Kidney transplantation) (LVEDP/ IVFs/ Contrast-time) (CKD Progression/ FGF-23) (DKD/ Elderly). (Prevention of contrast AKI) (Solabegron/ OAB) (Finasteride) (“/ Dipstick test for proteinuria) ************ (OAB/ Topical OB gel) (OAB+ pyuria and negative Ur. CX; ABXs for 6 m) (OAB/ Pelvic exercises). (OAB/ fesoterodine). (ESRD--Triple markers) (Papaverine/ Renal colic). (RF/ Hep C--TX) (Avoid contrast nephropathy) (Nephrolithiasis) (Avanafil/ ED) (BPH; LUTS) (Hypercalciuria);archinte_170_21_1900?node_id=amacme_course;archinte170_21_1900 (AKI/ US);jama_305_6_592?node_id=amacme_course;jama305_6_592 (Kidney Transplantation) ( Triple RAAS blockade to slow progression of Kidney Disease)     ; ( IVF--Nacl/ to prevent contrast nephropathy) ( SRL/ MMF--Renal Transplant) ( DM & CKD--Meds) ( DM +/ - CKD)--Lipid Tx ( PTH, Cal, P) ( Steroid-Free regimen/ Renal Transplant Patients) ( Screening for CKD) ( Drug-Dosing Guidelines)*** ( SE of Erytropoietin...)  ( Anemia Management in CKD)*** ( PD--Decreasing...) (Erythropoietin Therapy: Putting Pt in Perspective) ( Cinacalcet) ( Darbepoeitin alfa) ( Management of Renal stones) *** ( Oral Activated Vit Dfor high PTH/ CKD--III, IV Stages) ( Meds to improve Kidney Transplant)*** ( Labs in Kidney Diseases) *** **************** ( Acid- Base Disorders/ RTA/ Related Chapters)  ( Renal Function) ***

Managing Anemia in Chronic Kidney Disease

CKD - A Rationale for Early Intervention Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis May Occur Years after Gadolinium Exposure. Denosumab Combo Curbs- Hyperparathyroidism in Dialysis Patients.; Iron Salt Reduces Use of Erythropoiesis-Stimulating Agent in

Protocol for the Prevention and Management of Renal Osteodystrophy ... ( HCV--Interferon Tx--in HD Pts) ( IV Contrast-Related ARF); ( Types of Contrasts)*** ( gadolinium) ( ARF--Definition, Types) ***  ( ARF management) ***  ( Nephrolithiasis) ***

ACE inhibitor and angiotensin II antagonist combination treatment.

Blood urea sampling methods.

Dialysis membranes.

Dose of haemodialysis.

Duration and frequency of haemodialysis therapy.

Idiopathic membranous nephropathy: use of other therapies.

Lipid lowering therapy in patients with chronic kidney disease.

Membranous nephropathy: role of cyclosporine therapy.

Metabolic acidosis and growth in children.

Treatment of secondary membranous nephropathy.

Water quality for haemodialysis. ---Anemia;   

Cal/ P/ PTH, CO2 levels in CKD ******

...the awareness of the people that anemia should be treated earlier because normally anemia starts when the chronic kidney disease,

the renal function is approximately at the level of 30, 40 mL/minute renal creatinine clearance......   ( CERA vs. ESA...)                 *********( Initiation of Dialysis...)  ( QOL)  ( DM+ HTN) ( Hyperparathyroidism)



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