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Swaroopa Siddiah Ramdas, M.D., Dipl.  ABDA.



2003-2019:    Contd Med Edn:   Completed about  5950 hrs  (From?May/ 2003 -Dec/2020 )

                          U.S. Citizen (July/2/10); 

                          Completed about 20 yrs of medical-related-work, in the U.S...(Nov 1999--Until, now)


                          Completed Literature-Certificate Course  in Special-Publishing ( 5/ 07- 10/ 08)

                          Research Reviews: ; Dipl. ABDA (Certificate/ Sept 2005)


                                                               Asthma ( 2005),

                                                               Conscious-Healing & Patient-Education ( 2006)

                                                               Skills, Team-Work, System & Performance ( 2007)

                                                               Conduct Disorder ( 2008)

                                                               Work-environment (2009)

                                                               Evaluations/ Economy(2010)

                                                               Medical errors ( 2011)

                                                               Lab errors ( 2012)

                                                               Hygiene (2013); 

                                                               Lab Assistant-- Clinical Skills (2014)

                                                   Cultural/ Name-Nominal Competency (2015)

                                                               CA Prevention (2016)

                                                               Gem Therapy (2017) 

                                                   Color therapy (2018)

                                                               Substance Abuse (2019)

                                                               Alzheimer's  Disease (2020)


                          Exam:   PBT Board Exam (ASCP)/ Score: 903/ Cert # 33048/ Dec-07after, 1 yr. of

                              training in clinical-work.

                          CME: 50 hrs----Dec / 2007-2022 ( ASCP)

                          LLT/ PBT:  March 2013---    ( )                    

                          AIDET Training Program; 1.5 hrs of CE ( Nov/ 14/ 08; TNA)



                          Basic EKG Rhythm Identification: 16 hrs of CEU  ( TNA;


                          Externship: Peds (From,  July/07... for, about 2 yrs,))

                           ( Child Care Clinic )



2003-2007:  Intake Coordinator/ TKC (Tennessee Kidney Clinics) Inc.

                          (Madison Kidney Clinics)

                        IOWA State Physician Medical license # 35440 (M.D./ 2004- present)


                        ACLS/PALS; HIPAA certified.


                        Immigration Status: Permanent Resident/.. Green card (Yr., 2005)   


                        Certified Senior Disability Analyst and Diplomate ( Cert. # 7190; Sept/ 2005),

                        American Board of Disability Analysts, (Dipl. ABDA).


                       Awards:   AMA/ PRA for Contd. Medical Education (Sept 03- Present).

                                          Editor's Choice Award/ International Library of Poetry









                        Languages: English, Kannada, Hindi, Basic Spanish.


                        Interests: Music, Poetry, Meditation, Reading, Research.


2002-2003:  Completed PGY-1 Residency Training (Internship), Family Practice,

                        Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center/ Affiliated to Albert Einstein Medical College,

                        (Rotation @ Montefiore Medical Center, the University Hospital for AECOM,

                         Bronx, NY--

                         Rotations in- Inpatient Medicine, Outpatient Medicine, Pediatrics, OB/GYN,

                         Behavioral Medicine, Radiology, Family Practice, CME) ---






2001-2002:   Completed 1 year-- Trauma Fellow/ House Officer, ER, Lutheran Medical Center,

                         Level 1 Trauma Center, Brooklyn, NY; affiliated to SUNY Downstate.

                         (Acute Care management, Stabilization & F/U of Level I Trauma Patients-

                         Falls, MVA, Injuries etc.)



2000-2001:   Research Assistant: DNA, Manhattan, NY.

                                                           (Data-entry Coordinator, for Patient Education).

                        Volunteer ships:     Radiology, Family Practice / BLHC, Bronx, NY.

                                                            Dr Chokshi?s Medical Clinic, Brooklyn, NY.

                        Short Certifications:   Medical Assistant, Medical Billing, Medical Transcription,

                                                                 US-Tech., Dialysis Tech., EKG/ IV Prep/ Phlebotomy-Tech.,

                                                                 Basic Computer-Applications, Spanish (level III), in NY.


1999-2000:    Completed:  Step III USMLE--(1999/ Connecticut);



                                                 Spanish (Levels I and II), Queens College/ NY


                                                 Computer Applications Specialist Program, Queens 

                                                 College/ NY.


1997-1998:    Completed: Step II USMLE-- (1997/ New York);



                                                Asthma Research Internship, Brooklyn Hospital Center

                                                (Comparison of Beclomethasone with Flunisolide Treatment).



1995-1996:   Completed:  Step I USMLE-- (1996/ Texas);


                        Junior Registrar-ship, Respiratory ICU, M.S. Ramaiah Medical

                        Teaching Hospital, Bangalore, India.

                        (Acute Respiratory Care & Stabilization of Patients in the ICU).

                        ( ;



1992-1994:  General Practitioner (10% of the time)/ Researcher (90% of the time),

                        Bangalore, India.



                       MBBS Degree-Certified, Bangalore University, India/ Feb-1992/



                        ECFMG Certified / FMGEMS- Day I and Day II (Jan 1993).

                       ( ; (Foreign Medical Graduate Examination in the Medical Sciences) 


1990-1991:  Compulsory Rotatory Internship in Medicine, Surgery, Ob /Gyn, Psychiatry,

                        Anesthesiology, Radiology, Dermatology, ENT, Ophthalmology, P & S Medicine--

                        @ K.C. Gen. & Dr. Ambedkar  Medical College Hospitals

                         ...(May/ 1991)


                        Sept. / 1991?Licensed, @, Karnataka Medical Council;         



1985-1990:  M.B.B.S. (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery),

                        Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Medical Coll., Bangalore, India.



1983-1985:  PUC (Pre-University Course/ Science), Mount Carmel College.      




1980-1983:  SSLC (Secondary School Leaving Certificate), Sophia High School.

                        ( )



1979-1980:  VII Grade: New Public English School, Vijaynagar, Bangalore-40



1973-1979:  I-VI Grade: The New Cambridge English School, Vijaynagar, Bangalore-40


1971-1973: LKGUKG : The New Cambridge English School, Vijaynagar, Bangalore-40








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Need to be---High-Tech Practitioner, Expert Bed-side Scientist, and High-Touch caring…

Needed---Team-Care, Professional Relationships, and Respectful-Workplace with shared Autonomy with the Patient.

Outcomes depend on whether the ‘Pt’ did well, instead of ‘whether’ the current guidelines were followed.

There needs to be--- Responsibility, accountability, transparency.

Prove yourself; know your clinical abilities; provide the current standard of care.

Bad behavior can take ages to correct.

Autonomy, Medical Knowledge, Clinical Judgment…

People will never forget how you made them feel.

Work together; Stay Positive; Be Respectful; everyone feels the need to be accepted in Society.

You need the experience needed to face any challenge.

Adopt a Standard-Routine.

Balance-- being patient-agents & autonomous decision-makers.

Be caring & competent.

The power of hope & faith…!

Make wise use of resources.

Be a Physician/ Healer.

Be--Courteous, Respectful & Professional; and, always perform at the highest-level.

Strive for competent, coordinated, compassionate care.

Emotional-Intelligence; The art of listening; Dealing with conflicts with difficult persons & situations!

Quality & Conduct



Medical Supply  (******************); (MRI Safe Equipment).; (Anti-Embolism Hose). ( Pt information/ Address Change/ Mailing)********* *********** ( EKG)


Bioness Inc. - Home (Hand Rehab); Step of Mind - We teach the brain to take the right step   ; ----Bld Glucose Monitor  *********** (Braces...ortho...Mus/Sk..) (for acne)  ( STARK RULES...)  ( office design...)  (Peds) ---PT equipment ( INR machine) ***Internet/ Mail security ---esignature...;  ---Medical & ID card scanning (All terrain W/C);; (Autoinjectors) (800-638-8663) (DM management software) (Defibrillators/ First-Aid Kits). (HF)

Doppler for ABI exam ----Tel # 800.240.2999

Ultrasound: Tel # 800.228.1429, ext 101 ( Shimadzu Medical Systems) (Automatic Blood Pressure Monitors). (Appointment Reminders). (medisoft Pt. Accounting),11855,4-10054-0-0-0,00.html (Medicine/ Journals)

Doppler for Diagnosis of PAD/  Tel # 800-307-6466 (Filing Systems/ Patient Chart Folders);

16 special rehab & exercise Kit/ Tel # 1-800-NEW-FLEX (...Spirometers, Digital Holter System,Laser, Stress Treadmill...); (EKG Machine; Digital Holter System) ( Spirometers) (Otogram); (Electronic Health Record) (...Ultrasound Technology--General/ Medical equipment/ Cardiac/ Infrared Coagulation Device, Vascular Imaging/ Stress Systems...) (IWC) (Eisthetic Skin Institute)

Magnatherm Short Wave Diathermy/ 1-800-432-8003 (Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring)************ (PMS & EMR) (Skin Care) (Medication Reminder) (Talking Bottle) (Ebay) (Offsite Storage) (Drug Tests).  ( Educational Handouts to Patients) ( Cabinets) (Balance…)






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