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6) Library, Patient education (Internet Public Library--- Addictions, Disabilities, Geriatrics, Transplantation, Mental Health, Preventive Medicine, Women's Health etc.) (Ulcer risk with Pain Pills...) (fibromyalgia; CFS diagnosis) (Every 7 seconds, a child gets abused in the USA) (National Lib of Medicine) (Diabetic Teaching) (About 1 million people in the world kill themselves/ year;  Lifeline: 800/273-8255). (Lifeline/ Toxicology). (Every 7 seconds, a child gets abused in the USA) (Emergency Contraception/ Hotline/ 1-888-NOT-2-LATE).;   Cocaine information: 1-900-262-2463;  AIDS Hotline:   1-800-551-2728 (Bulimia, Anorexia Nervosa information);  Self-Help: 1-800-227-4785;  Academy for eating disorders: 1-703-556-9222  National MS Information Hotline:  1-800-227-3166 (Bladder-Information); Bladder Health Council:  1-800-242-2393; (Pt Guides) (*******); (Incontinence) (Alcohol & Drug Dependence/ Pt edn)--(1-800-622-2255); (1-800--662-4357); (Pain Management/ Pt education/ includes Back Pain) (Addiction Hotline #) (Child Protective Services: Hotline)

Perinatal HIV hotline: 888-448-8765; HIV/ AIDS line: 800-933-3413; PEP line: 888-448-4911 (Post exposure prophylaxis for hlth-care workers exposed to HIV, Hepatitis B & C) (STDs/ pt education) (Alcohol & Drug information/ National substance abuse  directory/ 800-729-6686) (Mental Health Information Center/ Women & Trauma). (Fecal Incontinence); (Urinary Incontinence) (recommendations to prevent osteoporosis). (Common OP cases). (Center for Devices & Radiological Health) (Colitis) (Endocrine).  ********(Heart Journal)
National Social Security Disability Services;  Tel#   (800) 279-4357 (Migraine).     

Medical Org, Boards, Guidelines (Directory of Org-Med & Social Sciences) (NRMP, MYERAS) (USMLE). (My CV/ Resume/ Bio-Data) ( Impaired P); (**************Washington DC) (Home Care Physicians) (TMA); (Medicaid); (for patients) (IMG, Freida...) (freida) (Grassroots)/ Tel # (800) 833-6354 (member connect) (Int med) (EM) (EM nurses) ( Hospital Medicine) (adolescent health law); (report CA) (Peds..) (Athletics). ( (CKD) (DM) (Kidney Patients) (Organ Donation) (radiology) (anesthesia) (Malignant Hyperthermia) (Resp Care, Pre-op Fasting, Chronic Pain) (palliative care) (End of Life- Care). (OB/ GYN) (Emergency Contraception). (Lap Gynecologists/ Ortho Surgeons) (NIH/ Guidelines---includes Tx of Menopausal Symptoms) (guidelines)   (Research, Rx..) (endocrinology) (arthritis ) (Musculoskeletal Diseases).

Case conference SLECase conference SLE (Chronic Back Pain); (Vax-D); (India....Muskuloskeletal Problems); (Back Pain).; (Herniated Disk) (arrythmias...) (EKG/ Arrythmias/ Rx...) (A.Fib) (Heart Failure treatment Guidelines);;; (HTN Guidelines) (+ Tropical****************) (Poison Tx);; (Medical Management Guidelines for Acute Chemical Exposures); ************(Anti- Venoms for Bites & Stings/ Australia...) (GI) (Dis) (Consumer Info) (CE-Disab) (Research) (") (*************) (Board Certified Acupuncturists)********Pain Relief (Acupuncture/ Boards/ USA)  ********************************************** **********ARCHITECTS; ( eg. of Health Care Marketing)  ( The federation of State Boards of PT).  ( American College of Physician Executives) ---Legal System in the different states;************; ( Tropical Medicine); ( Travel Medicine); ( International Travel & Health Information);;  ************( PTSD/ Anxiety D) ( Traffic...)  ( HIV)  ( Psychology)


University of Tennessee, College of BusinessAdministration******** State departments of professional regulation; (Neurology/ Guidelines) (MS); (Pain Foundations/ Associations); (Vision Problems/ Referrals---In MS). (Epilepsy Foundation of America)****** (Mental Health Services Locator)************ ***(Support Group) (BPD Foundation)   (Depression & BPD Support Alliance) ...Look for DSM IV Criteria (For different-- Psychiatric Diagnoses); (Psychiatry/ Diagnostic Criteria & Rating Scales--Depression & Mania); (NIMH Life Chart for BPD); (Parkinson Disease); (MS) (Alzheimer's) (Foundation/ Federation/ Association for the Visually Handicapped) (Scales) (Alcoholism Institute) (Certification in Counseling) (APA----Locate a Psychiatrist/ Pt Edn Brochures). (Disasters/ Bioterrorism....U.S. Dept of Health & Human Services) (Infectious Diseases); (post-exp prophylaxis) (AIDS) (Labs) (screening) (Obesity); (Food-borne) (Hipaa) (Old Drivers'..) ( Sleep Medicine) (Alc. WD) (pain management) (back pain, fibromyalgia, OP opioid management) ( (opioid WD) (Common names of Street Drugs) (Controlled Drug Schedule Classes) (Tel#) (DEA #....) (IA..) (news..) (Online LIC-RN--IA) (DEA--St. Louis Div.) (DEA--online renewal) (DEA--800-882-9539)--(3/30/04-4/30/07) (CSL # appln.) (CSL--515-281-5944)--(3/8/04-4/30/06)) (Drugs of Abuse) (Online LIC-RN--IA)--(Jul/04-Jul/06)--Sept? (IA- ME) (Refugees..) (Public Health) (PAD) (Anemia...other Diseases...AAFP). (Sleep Study Clinics/ Physician & Patient Information). (American College of Surgeons/ Journal/ Submit articles) (Bariatric Surgery/ patients & Physicians/ Members); (Bariatric Physicians/ Q & A). (Colon & Rectal Surgery). (Laser) (Insurance Regulations)







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