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ID (Antibiotic Tx--Hopkins Guide) ( Practice Guidelines) ( Adult Immunization Schedule) (ID Protocol); (ID news) ( Bactericidal Antibiotics) (Bacteriostatic Antibiotics) ( Mechanism of action of Antibiotics)*** **********************ABXs/ Infections/ SE/ Mech of action (ABXs)************************ (Cephalosporin’s); (Cross Reactivity of Betalactam Antibiotics) ( Endocarditis Prophylaxis) ( Management of Tetanus-Prone Wounds) ( ABX Drug Resistance) (ABX) (ABXs) (General Calculators) (Antibacterial)  ( ABX--SE)***

Sepsis Symptoms ***

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ( Metronidazole dosing in patients with Liver Dysfunction) ( Telavancin) ( Ac Hand Infections) ************* ( Tenofovir; Caspofungin) (Carbapenems; Broad Spectrum; Betalactamase resistant) (Voriconazole) (Posiconazole) (Amphotericin B) (Caspofungin--Febrile neutropenia, Aspergillosis, candidiasis) (Rifaximin; Traveler’s Diarrhea--E.Coli; Prevention/ TX) (Nitazoxanide; Giardia; C.parvum) (Bicillin--Indications & dosage) (NAI--H1N1 Influenza--Pregnancy) (Colistimethate; Gr. neg bacilli) (Peg IF - alpha 2a, lamivudine--Hep B, e Ag negative infection) (Cryptococcal Meningitis; Amphotericin B & Fluconazole; 70 days TX),+bactroban&hl=en&gl=us(Bactroban nasal ointment; MRSA eradication) (Bactrim) ( Antibiotic Prophylaxis for Dental Procedures)*** ( Pet-Related Infections) ( Sinecatechins--Anogenital Warts) ( Dog bite)

Pneumonia: Legionnaires Disease, Mycoplasma Infections, Pneumococcal Infections

Steroids Reduce Severe Community-Acquired Pneumonia Mortality ( Sepsis) ( Procalcitonin, CRP in MOF & Sepsis in ICU Pts) ( Antibiotics Review)*** (Antibiotic Tx--Hopkins Guide)**** ( Rec. VV Candidiasis)*** ( Tx of Skin Infections)*** ( Ac. Parotitis)*** ( Bacterial Meningitis);jama_299_10_1166?node_id=amacme_course;jama299/10/1166 ( Peritonitis) ( Mechanism of action of ABXs) *** ( SSTIs) ( SSTI) (Influenza) (Influenza primer) (Meningococcemia) (UTIs) (Osler nodes) ( MRSA--Children) (TX of HIV related complications);jama_301_24_2578?node_id=amacme_course;jama301_24_2578 (P.Carinii --Pneumonia) (P. C) (TX of fever + Neutropenia) (Shingles; TX) (Shingles) (Scabies; Crotaminton/ Oral Ivermectin) (Scabies; Sulfur, Permethrin) (Pediculosis) ( MRSA--Adults) ( ABXs & Procalcitonin levels in RTI) (Ac. Sinusitis) (Rhinosinusitis; ABXs) (CA--MRSA);301/22/2362?node_id=amacme_course;jama301_22_2362  (HC-VP dependent-shock) (Hepatitis; Types) (Preseptal cellulitis with early facial cellulites) (S. Aureus food poisoning) (C.Jejuni); (Y. Enterocolitica). (Salmonella) (Shigella) (E.coli) (TTP) (Fish Tapeworm) (Botulism) (Cholera) ( UTI-- in Women) ; ( Cl. Difficile/ Neutropenia in CA);jama_301_17_1798?node_id=amacme_course;jama301/17/1798 (Guidelines; Ac Rhino sinusitis). ( PID) ( Gonorrhea) (Bed Bugs); ( Procedures requiring endocarditis prophylaxis) ( ABX Prophylaxis regimens for BE prophylaxis) ( G. Herpes) ( Sinusitis)

Updated Guidelines for Preventing Hepatitis A Virus Infection After Exposure to the Virus ( Hep B)

Staying up-to-date on hepatitis B (HZ Vaccination) ( IPV/ HIV/ Indian Women) ( Hep C) ; (Hepatitis E) (Hepatitis D) ( Lyme Disease) ( Sore throat/ RP Abscess) ( Avian Influenza) ( STI in Preg) ( STD Prevention Video) ( Chlamydia Screening) ( HPV Vaccine)   

UpToDate Patient information: Human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccineApproach to the Patient with an Abnormal Pap Smear ( Prostatitis) (Tx of Recurrent Vulvovaginal candidiasis)*** ( STDs) ( HSV--recurrence) ( HSA--1 & 2--Ac/ Rec/ Chr) (Cl. Difficile) ( Malaria) (Brown-Recluse Spider-Bite) (Malaria; Head Lice). (Epididymitis; Orchitis) (Prevention of HZ). (Acute Sinusitis) (Chronic HBV infection/ Management--Algorithm) (Swine Flu) ( RTI) ( PML) ( Sepsis) ( Influenza  vaccine & Anti-Viral agents) ( Ventilator associated Tracheobronchitis) ( CDC/ Infection Prevention) ( Fever in Returning Traveler) ( ID Chapters) *** ( HIV --Links) ( Famciclovir/ 1 gm bid/ Rec HSV 2)

Infective endocarditis: How much prophylaxis? (Wound Care) ( CA-MRSA)

Joining forces against pneumonia (Malaria Prophylaxis) (ABXs)************************ (Cephalosporin’s); (Cross Reactivity of Betalactam Antibiotics) ( MRSA--Screen, Tx, Prevention) (Acute Cystitis) ( Screening for Asymptomatic Bacteriuria)[pointer]=0&tx_cortlandtmagissue_pi1[mode]=1&tx_cortlandtmagissue_pi1[showUid]=1753 ( Appendicitis)[showUid]=1752 ( Lyme Disease) ( Ac. Urine Retention--AUA Symptom Index)  (Tx of HIV-1 in Teens, Adults) ( HIV--Guidelines) (Syphilis/ Titer) (HIV Test, Prophylaxis to prevent MCT);archsurg_144_5_433?node_id=amacme_course;archsurg144/5/433(Cl.Difficile) (HBV) (Abacavir/ HLA-B* 5701) (Adverse effects of HIV meds)


Ishak Fibrosis Score (Revised HIV Tx Guidelines) (Acinetobacter Baumanii) ( Dengue) (Anti-Retroviral Drugs & Rifamycins) (HBV) (NAA tests to detect TB) ( TB) ( HIV/ TB---New Guidelines) ; (Hep B test result Interp)[pointer]=0&tx_cortlandtmagissue_pi1[mode]=1&tx_cortlandtmagissue_pi1[showUid]=1593(Sinusitis) (Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis) ( Rhinitis) ( Rhinitis in Nasal Polyposis) (Rhinitis);299/4/437/JGR70005T1 (Parasites associated with Eosinophilia & Specific Organ Involvement);jama299/7/806 ( OM) ( HCV Tx--in CKD Stages)*** (HCV--Genotype 1) ( SSTI--Preoperative- ABXs) ( CMV Reactivation/ ICU) ( July 23, 2008) ( CMV in ICUs)  (Cipro/ Rifampin—MRSA)  (Prevention of Recurrent MRSA infections) (Cefixime);301/9/954/JXR90001T1 (TX- CDI) (Strep Throat/ TX, & Prophylaxis for RF);archinte_169_5_463?node_id=amacme_course;archinte169/5/463 (IE) (Strep Pharyngitis) (HBV-DNA, HBeAg, LFTs) (HCV-RNA, HCV-Abs, LFTs) (M.Marinum) (HCV) (Viral Hepatitis) (HCV) (Peg-I; Ribavirin regimens-Hep C) (HBV) (H—A, B, C Virus) (Chr. Hep C) (HCV: Triple Therapy) (Hep B; Slide show) (HBV management) (HCV) (HCV) (HCV) (HCV) (HCV) (HCV)

Guidelines for the treatment of chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis due to hepatitis C virus infection for the fiscal year 2008 in Japan(HCV) (HBV/ HCV) (BV/ TV--Tinidazole). (Chlamydia--Screening/ TX) (Strep Pharyngitis) (Oseltamivir-Resistant H1N1--Influenza) (Small-Pox) (Cl. difficile Colitis); (A-Z) (A-Z); (Rec. Cystitis) (A-Z) (Syphilis) (TB, HIV)  (Retinitis) (Vaginal Discharge)

http://archpedi. (Chl.  Trachomatis) (TSS--Staph; Strep) (AGEP) (Raltegravir; HIV) (CMV) (Rickettsia) (Tigecycline; Cl. Difficile colittis) (CRBSIs) (HCV--Non responders to Peg IF &Ribavirin) (Sepsis/ ICU pts--Procalcitonin, CRP, Leukocyte count) (Dexmedetomidine; ICU pts) (Sepsis; ICU)****** (CS in Septic Shock) (HIV Guidelines; CDC, NIH, IDS of NA) (HIV/ fatigue) (HIV/ Women);archinte_170_14_1239?node_id=amacme_course;archinte170_14_1239 (HIV/ screening other diseases) (CA—MRSA; TX) (LTBI) (Pandemicflu) (NH acquired pnuemonia) (H1N1 Influenza; Symptoms & TX);archotol_135_3_243?node_id=amacme_course;archotol135/3/243

(Cervical Adenitis). (OI--HIV)[showUid]=1891 ( HZ Tx)[showUid]=1876 ( Infectious Arthritis--MSSA) ( DD of Miliary TB) ( Balanoposthitis) ( CAP 2 -- Table). ( CAP 1 --Table ) ( SE--Nucleoside Analogs) (Test for Latent TB in foreign adoptees) (Cryptosporidium Outbreaks) (Carriers of Group A Strep) (Sequential TX for H.P. Eradication) (HIV Tx) ( Urogenital TB) ( HCV--Peg Interferon Alfa -2b, Ribavirin) (Influenza vaccine; egg allergy) (Neonatal HSV) (HPV Vaccine types) (Urinary Incontinence in older women);jama_304_8_890?node_id=amacme_course;jama304_8_890 (Pertussis) (Pertussis) (Dengue) (PSI) (Chronic Lyme Disease) (WNV) (HACEK organisms/ Endocarditis) (lyme disease) (lyme disease)

WHO rapid advice guidelines on pharmacological management of humans infected with avian influenza A (H5N1) virus. (Lyme Disease Prophylaxis) (Vaccines) (Dietary Guidelines) (N 95 respirators) (SA drugs) (TB) (HIV) (HIV/ Single pill) (HCV-1) 2012&UID= (Hepatitis C/ Screen) (Ebola Virus) (Basidiobolomycosis) (Shingles) (Coccidioidomycosis) (Dermatophytosis/ allylamines) (MCV) (Adult Vaccines) (TB diagnosis). (Prevnar 13; Pneumovax 23--After 50 yrs of age) (Beta lactams) ; (M. Pneumonia/ PCR, IgG and IgM assays) (A. baumannii) (MRSA/ MSSA) (N.fowleri) (WNV) (WNV) (Azithromycin/ bacterial bronchiectasis exacerbations) (COPD/ ABXs) (Klebsiella/ diarrhea) (Tularemia) (MRSA/ MSSA--Renal patients) (Q fever) (Hanta Virus) (Steroid injections/ Meningitis) (Sepsis) --- MPV, Procalcitonin, Lactate, Temp, WBC, CRP levels. (Gonorrhea) (H.P infection) (TB) (Intermittent malaria TX—during Pregnancy) (CAP) (MAST-- Immunoblot/ allergens) (Scabies) (Cl. Perfringens). (SB--Bact. colonization/ GHBT) (Appendicitis/ Abd. MRI). (Tox. Gondii)--Ab titer. (JE)--4 fold increase in Ab titer. (Protein synthesis inhibitors) (MCV4 Vaccine). (HIV/ Quad drug) (hiv-- pep) (HSV 2--Prophylaxis). (MCV 4 Vac) (Tick paralysis) (ABXs/ P. Aeruginosa in CF--Acute, &, Maintenance TX). (Head lice). (Neurocysticercosis) (H.P) (HBV/ Physicians) (Snakebite) (Pancreatitis)8888888888 (Chikungunya) (Cryptosporidiosis) (Cystitis). ( Blood Cxs) (Wound infection). (Sepsis/ I-S). (TX of latent TB). (TB/ Blood test) (AOE) (Indications & AEs of-- TNFIs) (Acute Rhinosinusitis) (Adult Sinusitis) (Purple urine) (HZ--Vac, age 50 yrs onwards) (Allergic Rhinitis) (Ciclesonide/ Perennial allergic rhinitis). (Strep Pharyngitis) (TB-- TX) (HZV/ Valacyclovir & Gabapentin) (Dengue) (CJD) (H1N1/ PCR--Sera, throat swabs). (HPLC/ Species identification of Mycobacteria). (VAP) (CRBSIs) (APN/ Septic shock/ RFs) (ABRS)

(Bedaquiline) (Prostatitis) (E.Coli O104:H4) (Infected necrotozing Pancreatitis) (HCV/ Boceprevir) (LRTIs/ ABXs/ CRP testing). (Rabies Vaccine) (H1N1 Vaccine in pregnancy). (MCV4, MPSV) (Prophylactic ABXs for SDD/ SOD in ICUs) (Norovirus, Salmonella--Food borne illnesses). (Group A Strep Pharyngitis/ Centor Score) (Antifungals) (Sexual assault);archinte_171_12_1072?node_id=amacme_course;archinte171_12_1072 (Cellulitis) (MCV) (AdultVaccines) (Mucormycosis S/P Trauma) (Antifungals) (Blastomycosis/ HW work) (Septic-- PE/ Endocarditis/ sepsis) (Prednisolone/ Bell’s palsy) (Adult Sinusitis) (Antifungal TX) (Eye--Trachoma/ trichiasis/ oral azithromycin S/P surgery). (Shingles) (“) (H1N1, 2009 pandemic) (PJIs) (UTI);jama_306_2_194?node_id=amacme_course;jama306_2_194 (Sepsis) (Legionella) (TB) (DR-- IE) (ECMO/ ARDS) (Influenza) (ABXs/ Appendicitis) (CRS) (Orf) 2010&UID=42445 (Pneumococcal vaccine) (Post-Op infections) (E. Migrans) (Leishmaniasis/ Diagnosis) (Q fever) (Tigecycline)***** (FUO/ Diagnosis)--FDG-PET/ Gallium scans (Unusual pharyngitis) (Tonsillectomy/ Guidelines) (Bronchial cyst) (TG cyst) (Branchial cleft cysts) (GBS/ IP prophylaxis & TX)

Otitis media with effusion (GI endoscopy anesthesia) (MV Anesthesia);archsurg_146_7_pagenum?node_id=amacme_course;archsurg146_7_794 (Trauma / Sepsis) (Male circumcision/ reduces HIV by 60%). (PUBS) (HCV) (PCT levels) (Herpetic neuralgia) (BV) (Spinosad/ head lice) (C. Diff/ Fidaxomicin) (HIV, HCV) (Chronic prostatitis) (SBS/ Fungi/ molds--humidity). (SSIs) (Fungal meningitis) (MRSA/ Vanco) (Cepastat/ sore-throat). (lyme disease) (Listeria) (Multi Drug Resistant TB) (H.P-- 3 ABXs, 1 PPI). (G. Lamblia &---- IBS/ Chr. Fatigue) (HSV-2) (CJD) (UTIs/ Prophylaxis) (SVR/ HCV-- TX) (C. Diff/ RFs) (HZV--TX) (Bacterial co-infection, with Influenza) (Raxibacumab. Anthrax) (Melioidosis) (Chagas’ Disease) (Tick borne diseases) (Rabies/ PEP) (HPV testing) (HCV/ Peg. Interferon alpha-2a, Boceprevir, Ribavirin). (N.G. / Cef + azithro) (STDs) (Disseminated Angio-invasive Fungal Infection) (Spinosad for head-lice TX) (UTIs/ Men) (UTI/ Men/ ABXs) (Tedizolid) (HCV) Triple-TX

Peg IF-- alfa2a (more effective, more AEs), alfa2b; Ribavirin, Boceprevir (Hematological AEs)/ Telaprevir (Anemia, Rash) (HIV cryp. meningitis) (HIV Pre-exposure prophylaxis) (HIV/ Quad TX) (HIV prophylaxis for Heterosexuals/ FTC+ TDF) (HPV Vaccine in men) (Parapox virus/ Orf) (CDC/ Gonorrhea) (Fluroquinolones/ SEs) (Acne) (Influenza) (UTIs/ Prophylaxis) (Syphilis/ Primary and Secondary) (ABXs in Pregnancy) (IE/ ABXs) (ID--part I) (Malaria);jama_305_14_1469?node_id=amacme_course;jama305_14_1469 (Sepsis);147/4/401?quiz_ans_id=1#1 (Merkel Cell polyoma Virus/ MCC);jama_304_18_2048?node_id=amacme_course;jama304_18_2048 (Malaria) (Helminths) (Congenital Chagas’ disease) (STEC 0111) (Viral GE) (IGRAs/ TB) (NTM) (HCV) (SA bacteremia) (STDs—Gonorrhea) (Q fever/ C.burnetti/ goat farms). (Pertussis/ Diagnosis) (ABX prophylaxis/ TRUSP biopsy) (PJI) -- Acute and Chronic types.

Meningitis (bacterial)/meningococcal septicaemia (AOM) (Hepatitis E),1 (IMN) (“);archinte_171_15_1322?node_id=amacme_course;archinte171_15_1322 (PCT/ ABXs) (SCID) (LD) (Cl. Difficile/ Fecal Transplant) (HBV/ Health Care Provider) (Shingles) (HIV- HCV--- PIs/ Statins). (Azithromycin) (Histoplasmosis); Dermatomyositis; (ABXs/ Bronchiectasis) (Sepsis)

Paromomycin Cream Cures Cutaneous Leishmaniasis (Fungal DNA sequencing) (Sepsis/ Critical care) (NF) (Melioidosis) (Babesiosis/ protozoan parasite B.Microti; Lyme disease/ bacterium B.Burgdorferi) (Dracunculosis/ Guinea worm disease) (HPV Vaccine). (Cervical CA screen) (Hantavirus Pulmonary syndrome). (MRSA). (MRSA/ mortality) (MRSA/ Daptomycin). (HBV) (PIDs) (Interferon Gamma Release Assays/ Latent TB) (CMV) (LD/ Elisa) (CMV screen/ children) (Dengue) (TNFIs/ Pneumonia) (SAR) (T. Gondii, Pregnancy) (Listeriosis). (Eczema Herpeticum/ acyclovir). (CDI/ causes) (Wound infection) (HIV/ Single dose med) (Each received a single dose of nevirapine prior to labor. In addition, they were randomly assigned to one of three protocols, for seven or 21 days: zidovudine 300 mg and lamivudine 150 mg twice daily; tenofovir 300 mg and emtricitabine 200 mg daily; or lopinavir 400 mg and ritonavir 100 mg twice daily.) (ER/ Sepsis markers-- suPAR, CRP, PCT, IL-6) (Post-surgery D/C care-- is imp.) (Male urethritis) (Surveillance of food-borne disease outbreaks) (To reduce cholera...) (CP/ CPPS);jama_305_1_78?node_id=amacme_course;jama305_1_78(CP/ CPPS) (MRSA Tx) (Vasculitis/ TX) (S.Pnuemonia) (TB--CX aspirates for Diagnosis) (Candidiasis) (Vaccines for Post-exposure prophylaxis against varicella) (Scabies) (HZV) (Influenza primer; a tale of birds, pigs, pandemics). (Adult Immunizations) (Cl. Diff assay) (UTIs) (Lactate Clearance VS. CV O2 sat: Early sepsis) (Vancomycin Dosing) (HPV-- Gardasil) (T.Gondii); (Leucovorin) (Immunization revision--2010) (Influenza prophylaxis) (Gr. negative endocarditis) (Rabies) (Procalcitonin/ LRTIs) (No need of prophylaxis of ABXs in routine dental procedures S/P knee/ hip replacements) (E. Granulosus) (Mumps) (Intensive Insulin therapy may not improve in septic shock) urine bag syndrome)--UTIs (Novel-- H1N1 Pnuemonia)

Management of genital Chlamydia trachomatis infection. A national clinical guideline. (Influenza) (Flu shot locator) (Leprosy) 2010&UID=42445 (Chlamydia screening) (UTIs) (CRP testing for LRTIS & RS)

Macrolide-Induced Digoxin Toxicity: A Population-Based Study

Treatment duration of febrile urinary tract infection (FUTIRST trial): a randomized placebo-controlled multicenter trial comparing short (7 days) antibiotic treatment with conventional treatment (14 days) –UTI ; (PID) (DKA & liver abscess) (Influenza) (H1 N1 Influenza) (Flu facts; How to avoid flu?) (Typhoid fever) (Treating Pneumococcal disease) (Mumps, IMN, Strep-Pharyngitis) (P.fulminans; Sepsis--C. canimorsus) (Lice infestation of eye lashes) Disease) (Salmonella) (Decreasing catheter related BSIs) (Legionella) (Chl/ Gon-- test) (CDC Guidelines for TB infection) (APN) (Recurrent UTIs in women) (Acute PN) (Rec. UTIs in Women) (Uncomplicated UTIs--Nitrofurantoin) (Aeromonas Hydrophilia Cellulitis) (H.pylori) (Fever & Infection in the elderly in LTCFs) (Encephalitis) (TB; Algorithm) (Blastomycosis) (Gr. neg UTIs: Resistance to ABXs) (Emphysematous cystitis) (Hemorrhagic Fevers) (Granulomatous Mastitis)

Guideline for prevention of catheter-associated urinary tract infections 2009.;    Prevention and control of meningococcal disease. Recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP). (Addendum 1) Recommendations for all persons aged 11--18 years; (Addendum 2) Recommendations for children aged 2--10 years at increased risk for invasive meningococcal disease; (Addendum 3) Updated recommendation from the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) for revaccination of persons at prolonged increased risk for meningococcal disease. (Rifaximin in TD) (B. Meningitis after S. anesthesia) (ICU Infections) (Adult Immunizations)***************** (Pneumonia/ AE-COPD)********************************** (ABXs); ; ; (Extrapulmonary TB--Peritonitis, Pott’s disease) (ADA & Lymphocytes in Pl & Peritoneal Fliuds—TB) (E.Coli/ UTIs/ ABXs) (Cipro-XA for complicated UTIs) (Dacryocystitis) (A. Niger infection); (BV) (MHF)

Diagnosis and management of complicated intra-abdominal infection in adults and children: guidelines by the Surgical Infection Society and the Infectious Diseases Society of America. (MRSA in HIV pts) (De-colonization of MRSA/ MSSA) (Pharyngitis) (Urethritis) (CS in septic shock); (Red Eye) (Ophthalmic Zoster) (CAP/ PSI-- Direct ICU transfer) (EBV: Study song) (Pseudomonas: Study song) (Levaquin) (Mumps) (C.Jejuni; E.coli 0157: H7) (C.Jejuni) (E.Coli 0157:H7) (Procalcitonin levels) (Trachoma) (Catheter related BSIs) (Travel Medicine: Part 1) (Genital TB)

Fungal Infections of the Skin and Nails (Zoster vaccine) (HPV Vaccines) (NP: swabs better than aspirates ---for recovery of Resp. Viruses) (Pul nocardiosis in I-S pts) (CS for pharyngitis)!comment=1 (Appendicitis) (Prosthetic Joint infections) (Procalcitonin; LRTIs) (PCT--LRTIs) (Non tuberous mycobacteria) (Lyme Carditis) (CNS infections; Voriconazole)** (Hep-B) (Swine Flu); (CJ- Disease) (CJD) (Influenza),,2659-2-0,00.htm (Influenza-Vaccine) (Seasonal Influenza) (Rifampin, mefloquin, Carbapenems) (Mastitis) (Isolation of bacteria & fungi using DNA target sequencing) (WNV Encephalitis) (Preventing G. warts in men & cervical CA in women) (Pandemic Influenza; AV Meds)***** (De-colonization of nasal carriage of strep infection) (ASO titer) (Scarlet fever) (Disseminated Histoplasmosis) (Swine-flu) (Swine flu) (Vaccination; Swine flu) (Influenza) (Swine flu vaccination recommendations from BBC) (HPV Vaccine; AE) (Influenza/ complns in Pregnancy) (Herpes Gladiatorum) (HIV)************************************* (Travel Medicine: part 1) (Travel Medicine: Part 2);archopht128_1_28 (T. Gondii) (Tebivudine/ Lamivudine—HBV infection) (Needle length for IM injections) (Adult Vaccines) (Actinomycosis) (Nocardia) (Septic Shock) (Efalizumab/ PML) (Influenza-- TX) (Shingles) (Diverticulitis) (Palivizumab; RSV prophylaxis) (Raltegravir/ HIV) (Telavancin); ;

(Gr. neg & positive ABXs) (ABXs) (SAPHO Syndrome) (Doxycycline; M. Perstans) (Epididymitis) (HPV immunization) (Pertussis);

2007 UK national guideline on the management of vulval conditions. ;     UK national guidelines for HIV testing 2008. ;  UK national guidelines on the management of syphilis 2008.;     United Kingdom national guideline for the management of prostatitis. (HIV; Primary Care) (Primary Care Guidelines for pts with HIV) (Screening; HIV) (NAA tests--gon, chl-- infections) (Guidelines; Vancomycin monitoring) (Groin rash/ Erythrasma) (Echinococcus) (Terbinafine) (P.J pneumonia) (Refractory OP-C/ EC)--inH IV pts (Malaria: Investigations) (Malaria/ Scenario) (CRP/ ABXs--LRTI, Ac. RS) (Herpes Gladiatorum) (timing of Bld CXs) (Lab Diagnosis of UTIs) (Vancomycin + Rifampicin, for MRSA Pnuemonia) (CAP) (H.Pylori) (Pneumococcal disease) (Prulifloxacin for Traveler’s Diarrhea) (Sinusitis) (LUTI/ Men); (PN)

recommendations for use of antiretroviral drugs in pregnant HIV-infected women for maternal health and interventions to reduce perinatal HIV transmission. (C. Gattii)

    Hepatitis A

    Hepatitis B


Balamuthia Amebic Encephalitis—EXTRACT | FULL TEXT | PDF (Zoon Balanitis; Penile Patch);  (Syphilis) (Evaluating Scrotal Masses); Tenofovir May Be More Effective than Adefovir for Chronic Hepatitis B Virus (Cystitis / Urethritis / Vaginitis); (OP Candidiasis) ; ( Anaplasma Phagocytophilum);  (MRSA);  ( STDs); ( CA--MRSA); ( Lung--Aspergillosis); ( HBV-Tx; View as HTML ); (Maintenance fluconozole for Rec. VV Candidiasis); (E.G) (AOM/ Child) Now Recommends Syphilis Screening in At-Risk Persons.


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