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Gastro-Intestinal.. ( Vit D2/ D3) ( Vit D3, &, 25-OH-Vit D level) ( A-Z)   ; ( GERD Symptom Scale) ( severe aphthous ulcers) (Chlorpromazine; Thorazine) (Prochlorperazine; Compazine) (Metoclopramide; Reglan); (Promethazine; Phenergan);  (Metoclopramide, Diphenhydramine—HG—Pregnancy) (Antiemetic) ***; (Hydroxyzine) ( Acute Abdominal Pain);** ( Functional Dyspepsia) (IBS--Management) ( Bleeding PUD)  ( PPI Prophylaxis) ( GERD guidelines) (PPIs: Indications; AE upon WD) (Famotidine with ASA TX) (Algorithm--heart burn)*********** (Cirrhosis) (Beri Beri); (Wernicke-korsakoff syndrome)--Thiamine Def ( GI Issues + DM) Low-FODMAP Diet Shifts Metabolome, Microbiome in IBS Patients., ( Ac Pancreatitis) ( Ac .Hep C--To treat or NOT to treat) ( Hepatitis B--Entecavir vs. Lamivudine) (Hepatorenal Syndrome) ( Chr. Pancreatitis--Pain) ( H.Pylori-- Sequential Therapy) ; ( H.Pylori)*** *** ( Ac Abd pain--Diag)[pointer]=0&tx_cortlandtmagissue_pi1[mode]=1&tx_cortlandtmagissue_pi1[showUid]=1855 ( Appendicitis) ( CT - Oral Contrast----for Nontraumatic Abd Pain) ( Chr. Constipation & IBS-C) (Oral Poisonings..)  ( Pralidoxime/ Atropine for OP Poisoning) ( PUD) (Flatulence) ( Hemmorhoids) ( PPIs in Bleeding Ulcers) ( DM/ Gastroparesis) ( Nausea & Vomiting); (Metoclopramide) ( Dyspepsia/ PPIs vs. H.P Test) ( Nausea & Vomiting)

http://http: (GERD); ( Anal Pain--fissure, hemorrhoids, IR abscess)

New         Strategies for Treating Helicobacter pylori Infection ( Hep BV) ( Esophageal Reflux) (GERD; Zantac) (Fe supplementation) (Nutrition Facts) (Seeds—Nutrition; Sunflower/ Flax/ Pumpkin/ Sesame) (Feed your Head; B vitamins/ Omega-3-FA/ Anti-oxidants/ Choline)


The treatment to reverse anaemia usually calls for iron supplementation, with a typical dosage of 50 to 100 mg of elemental iron three times a day (150-300 ... (Fat absorption) (PPI dosing for bleeding PU) (Steroid-trial for AI pancreatitis) (PPI --Dyspepsia) (Liver Fibrosis) (Crohn’s disease) (5-ASA); (Diphenoxylate); (Loperamide) (U.Colitis) (FB in the esophagus) (IBS, with C) (Co-enzyme Q10) (IBS) (Douching; Vaginal) (Rifaximin, Lactulose; Hepatic Encephalopathy) (Ber-Beri) (Cori Cycle) (Pyruvate) (Lactate) (Involuntary weight loss/ Elderly) (Step-up/ Step-down TX; Dyspepsia) (PUB/ Esomeprazole- High Dose) (Diet; % --Carb, Prot, Fat);145/3/273?quiz_ans_id=1#1 (Aphthous Ulcers) (GERD) (Vomiting/ Ondansetron); (Serotonin 3 receptor antagonist; vomiting) (Dyspepsia----Step-up & Step-down Rx) (Mesalazine--QD) ( Dexlansoprazole--GERD, EE) ( IBS) ( Chronic Constipation) (Chonic Constipation & IBS-C) ( Rome III criteria for IBS) ( Chronic Idiopathic Constipation);  ( Lubiprostone) ( Acute pancreatitis)--ApacheII score less than 8; Ranson Score less than 3------Mild Pancreatitis;jama299/13/158( Chr. Pancreatitis--Meds, Endoscopic Procedures, Surgey) ( Ac. Pancreatitis) ( Chr. Pancreatitis);jama300/15/1793 ( IBS vs. UC/CD/Colon CA) ( U. Colitis) ( MMX Mesalazine--UC--Remission Maintenance) ( Anogenital Warts) ( Gall Stones) ( Defn---Ac. P)  (PPI) ( Scleroderma);jsessionid=VYBKMF4LWPFHIQSNDLRCKHSCJUNN2JVN?articleID=204801127 (Managing a Pt with abnormal LFT) (Ulcerative Colitis) ( Dobutamine-Response/ Severe-Sepsis) ( Managing the patient with abnormal liver function tests/ Table 2) (Fecal lactoferrin; IBS/ IBD) (Pancreatic stones) (Hyperemesis Gravidarum) (Eosinophilia & functional GI disorders) (PPIs) (Vitamin D deficiency & AI disorders) (Food borne illnesses) (GERD) (Abnormal LFTs) (Food allergies) (Lap for DD) (Alcoholism/ GGT levels)

Histologic improvement was defined as a decrease of 4 points or more in the Knodell necroinflammatory score;

Ishak fibrosis score (lab tests for diagnosis of L.Fibrosis)

Crohn's disease ; Ulcerative colitis Symptoms Relieved by Escitalopram, E2, Venlafaxine (G. Volvulus) (Severe GED/ Lap Fundoplication) (H.P Infection); (ALF)*****************************

Diagnosis and Management of Celiac Disease (IBS: ABXs) (Ac Diarrhea) (Flatulence); (PUD) (Heartburn; Pregnancy) (Hepatic Encephalopathy) (IBS) (IBS: Q & A) (Lubiprostone, Chr. I-Constipation) (IBS) (Prevention of Recurrent Diverticulitis) (H.P Guidelines & TX) (CF) (Dietary FA) (Crohn’s Disease);jama_303_17_1738?node_id=amacme_course;jama303_17_1738 (Celiac Disease) (GB--US) (Dyspepsia) (Orlistat) (IBS)

Getting out the gluten (CD) (Dash diet...) (Safety/ Risks of Biological TX for IBD) (Celiac Disease) (Celiac Disease); (Celiac Disease)  (Eosinophilic Esophagitis) (H..P) (PPI Pantoprazole + ASA)--TO prevent PUD (Chr.Diarrhea); (C. Disease) ( Chr. Diarrhea) (Bifidus Regularis) (NAFLD: AEs, & Complns) (Reflux Finding Score--RFS) (Linaclotide/ Chronic constipation) (Plecanatide/ Chronic  constipation) (Parotid duct surgery) (IBS/ diarrhea/ Rifaximin) (PUD) (Sapovirus/ LTCFs) (Surveillance of food-borne disease outbreaks). (CD/ UC) (Diverticulitis/ Race). (IBD-- Vit def) (Dyspepsia/ Tx for FD--HBP inf, Prokinetic agents). (Diarrheas/ Acromegaly) (Rectal Indomethacin/ Post ERCP Pancreatitis) (CD) (GERD/ Endoscopy) (DS/ Obesity) (Thoracostostomy) (UC/ Tofacitinib) (Pancreatic enzymes/ SEs). (LGI bleed/ FOBT) (BE/ Adeno CA) (Wireless pH monitoring/ GERD diagnosis) (UC/Mesalamine) (Anal fissure pain/ NTG 0.2-0.4 % cream) (GERD) (PUD/ TAE) (Hyper Triglyceridemia/ No fibrates) (l/A/C for 14 days--H.P infection) (Eating Disorders) (Indomethacin/ Post ERCP Pancreatitis) (Hiatal Hernia). (Esophageal perforation) (Lorcaserin) (UGI bleed) (Dietary trans-fats/ Aggression). (Liver disease). (Mesenteric Ischemia) (Cirrhosis).;jama_306_14_1582?node_id=amacme_course;jama306_14_1582 (CD). (Coxib/ GPA) (CD);jama_305_19_1969?node_id=amacme_course;jama305_19_1969 (GERD/ ST vs. MT) (IBS). (DASH diet) (Ondansetron) (NAFLD) (PVT/ cirrhosis, vasculitis, thrombophilia) (Guidelines/ NAFLD) (Colonoscopy) (HS--Esophagus) (CIWA protocol) (Simethicone) (MetS) (Bleeding varices/ RFs) (Chronic GERD) (Fecal incontinence) (Electrolytes) (GERD surgery/ SEs). (AIGD) (TNF-Is---UC, CD) (FD/ eradicate H.P). (U.C),1 (PBC) (Doubled Rebeprazole) (Gum chewing/ Post-Op) (LRYGB/ ORYGB) (Variceal bleeding) --Tool Helps Predict Risks for Blood Clots, After Bariatric Surgery. Lessons for Colonoscopy From NordICC Study




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