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Domestic Violence

Please be beyond suppression (violence) of any kind (... a research...). Avoid people that have psuedo-ego ( false sense of supremacy). Be independent.

Fight for JUSTICE for yourself and others, all-the-time. That is the ONLY way that-- SLAVERY-- can be avoided, in the World!  ( Confronting violence that is destroying many of the families). ( IPV---men/ women) (Divorce).

Beings have to fight for their FREEDOM. Freedom comes --- with courage , righteousnessconsistency and sacrifice.


  • ( Child abuse reporting);

  • ( Hotline/ Domestic Violence)

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    Spouse/ Elder/ Child/ Animal/ Society-----Abuse, or, Neglect-----Emotional/ Mental/ Educational/ Spiritual/ Physical/ Sexual/ Social/ Financial.......

    People commit abuses when they think that they OWN others --either through marriage, or, through other  'sources/ positions' etc. But, nobody owns anyone. Only GOD owns everyone (-- Saying)

    Try to be Independent, as much as possible-----because, Dependency is SIN;   Independence is VIRTUE!   But, inter-dependency is allowed.   That is how--- the World functions!

    Have the courage to speak-up against injustices.....

    Don't get into anyone's SPACE (..that which is.. around every individual)... ONLY God can occupy it. All belong to the great GOD only...(-- Saying)

    ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ (Causes for divorce) (Emotional abuse);;

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