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3)CDC/ Includes- reporting Communicable Diseases/ Emergency Preparedness...

CDC Director's Emergency Operation Center       Tel # 770-488-7100 (National Center for Health Statistics);
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (includes traveler's health)     ----------------TRAVEL MEDICINE *************
Contact Us(Tobacco) ( State & Local Health Depts. for Q & A, including Quarantine) ( National Immunization Program) **************
1. A 75-year-old man with no comorbidity receives a first influenza vaccine. According to this study by Voordouw and colleagues, his risk for hospitalization for pneumonia during the influenza season vs not receiving influenza vaccine is best described by which of the following HRs?
Answer: 0.3
In this longitudinal cohort study of adults older than 65 years, first influenza vaccination in those without comorbidity was associated with a 71% reduction in hospitalization for pneumonia during the influenza season, but no association was seen for influenza revaccination.
2. A 69-year-old woman with chronic bronchitis receives revaccination for influenza. According to this study by Voordouw and colleagues, her risk for LRTI during the influenza season is best described as:
Answer: Unchanged
In this study by Voordouw and colleagues, influenza vaccination and revaccination in patients older than 65 years with comorbidity is not linked with risk reduction in LRTI. Influenza vaccination did not protect against LRTI in persons with comorbidity or chronic respiratory disease during the influenza season or for the entire follow-up period. (HIV, STD, TB Prevention...) (Reporting crimes like --Gun Shot Wound/ Sexual Assault/ Road Traffic Accident...)  ******************************* (Confidential Health Care Policies for Adolescents/ State of Connecticut); (Disaster Preparedness/ Eartquakes--Tornados--Hurricanes--Bioterrorism--Heat & Cold Waves.../ PTSD & Anxieties);; (Bioterrorism); (ID/ News) (Communicable Diseases, including Rabies) (Medical Assistance to travelers); (Guide to Clinical Preventive Sources) (Guidelines for Isolation Precautions in Hospitals) (Reportable Diseases/ Lab List)
Local Health Departments in the USA (Reprt first here; they will report to CDC). (Develop standards for LHD). (VIS--Vaccination Information Statements). (Varicella Igb & Vaccination)
National HIV consultation ctr: Tel# 1-800-933-3413 --Medical Management Guidelines for Chemical Agents ( IP of Febrile Syndromes in Returned Travelers)

Seven of the 13 neglected tropical diseases are caused by worms (elephantiasis, guinea worm, hookworm, river blindness, roundworm, schistosomiasis, and whipworm),

3 are protozoal (African sleeping sickness, Chagas disease, and leishmaniasis) and

the rest are bacterial (Buruli ulcer, leprosy, and trachoma).

Trachoma is the leading cause of preventable blindness in the world,5 elephantiasis is the second-leading cause of permanent disability in the world (by causing disfigurement of legs and genitalia),6 and hookworm causes severe anemia and is consequently one of the most important maternal-child problems.1, 7;299/16/1937?node_id=amacme_course;jama299/16/1937 ( A. Lumbricoides, H.Worm, T.Trichura) ( Filariasis)         

Prevention  ( PREVENTION) ***************************** ( Allergy Testing to vaccines)  ( 2007/ Vaccine Changes)***  (Vaccine storage & handling kit) (Vaccine shortages & delays) (How to administer IM injections) (Dose, route, site, needle-size) (Vaccine- refrigerator temperatures) (Management of vaccine reactions—child/ teens); (adults) (Screening Questionnaire--child/ teens); (adults) (Vaccine Administration Record--child/ teens); (adults)  ( Anthrax Vac--0, 1, 6 Mo-- IM)  ( 2 doses of influenza vaccine). **********
msn--clinical screening  ( Vaccine CI) ************************************************ ( Adult Schedule)***************** ( Vaccine Preventable Illnesses).**************

0-6 Years [PDF] | 7-18 Years [PDF]
2009 Catch-Up Schedule [PDF]

image001.jpg (8.6 KB), image002.gif (1.6 KB), Iowa Immu...pdf (40.4 KB), Provision...pdf (35.8 KB), Prevnar c...pdf (25.6 KB), Certifica...pdf (15.0 KB), Certifica...pdf (41.8 KB), Final Cha...pdf (274.3 KB) (rotavirus vaccine) (Amantadine/ Rimantadine--Influenza A ?)   ;



    Tool M5-11: Influenza Antiviral Medications Page 1 of 2 ... (Oseltamivir--Influenza B) (Zanamavir for Influenza A; above 7 yrs of age)

      Antiviral therapy: Respiratory infections, chornic hepatitis********************* ,  +  Medsite cme
***( Lenght & Width of needles for infant vaccinations) (National Center for HIV, STD and TB Prevention). (Screening)******************* (Vaccine adverse effects reporting system).

Substance Abuse Treatment/ Facilities/ Referring them to the Mental Health Centers--Drug Counselors---Social Workers--Alcohol& Narcotic Anonymous (Drug-Rehabs)********** **** ( SA-- Tx Programs)  ; *** ( Buprenorphine/ Methadone) (IPV-Victims of Abuse) (Drug Abuse & Addiction in the Criminal Justice System). (Nicotine Gum) (Alc Abuse) ( Tools to detect SAD) ( Matrix Model Therapy for Methamphetamine use);jama_300_3_314?node_id=amacme_course;jama300/3/314 ( Methadone/ Buprenorphine/ Naltrexone) ****Club Drugs (Alc: 1: 25 deaths) ( Drug testing of Teens in Schools & Colleges) ( Drug-Guide)***********   (Tx of Drug Withdrawal) ******************************* ( Tx of Opioid addiction ---with---Buprenorphine vs. Methadone).******** ( Mental Hlth services locator). (******Guidelines/ Drug Abuse Tx);****)***********,0008.htm  (Heroin/ cocaine)*** Long term TX with opiods in......Chronic non-cancer PAIN (Wallet Card/ Methadone) ******Detoxification Tx (Banned supplements & substances in Sports) (Tennessee/ includes Family Counseling Services). (Tx Centers in TN). (Referral Services) (Library); (Pharmacological Management of Alcohol WD); (Tx of Alcohol Dependence). (Pt Education); (Alcoholism Institute). ( Top 10 Drugs of Abuse) ( SA & Mental Health Centers Locator); (Narcotic Abuse Tx/ For information on Narcotics Anonymous meetings in your area, call 818- 773-9999); (Alcohol Addiction); (Tx) (Drugs of Abuse/ '') (Mental Health & Behavior) (News...Europe)  (Substances of Abuse).  ( Methamphetamine) (Kidney Care).

SAMHSA National Helpline

National, toll-free referral service for locating drug and alcohol abuse treatment programs that is operated by SAMHSA’s Center for Substance Abuse Treatment.

(800) 662-HELP (4357) (English and Español)
(800) 487-4889 (TDD)

Additional Treatment Resources

Buprenorphine Physician Locator by State
Methadone Treatment Centers by State




Disability Associated Resources

Newsletters / Annual Conference - American Board of Disability ...; (Prevent Falls) (Disability Links); ( Methods of Disability Evaluation) 

(Ability Self-Assessment Questionnaire). (TN); (Medical Equipment); 

( Adjustable Beds, Mobility Scooters, Wheelchairs, Walking Frames...); (Medical Euipment/ California); (Wheelchair Lifts); (*************); (Medicare Equipment); (Will 'bill' Medicare); (Shower Chairs/ Transfer Benches...); (Oxygen Suppliers); (HAQ/ Disability Assessment Tool) (Medicare Parts A & B Services)**** (Federal Grants for the Disabled); 

(Federal Government's Online related Resources). (Library) (Access for Disabled Persons). (IIEF/ Sexual Dysfunction) (HRQL Questionnaire...) (MH, NP, ST)

Pain Management/ Rhuematology/ Cancer (Pain Management);  ( Chronic Pain Management)**** ( Chronic Pain Management)***  ( Rhuematology) ****** (Drug Chart/ Pain Meds) (Pharmacological pearls for EOL care) (Pain Guideline for older patients) (Symptom Management at the end-of-life) { SOAPP } ; Forms and Contracts for Managing Chronic Pain  ; (Primary Care Management of -Malignant Pain)

American College of Physicians Issues Safety Guidelines for Prescribing Methadone (Chronic Non-Malignant Pain in Primary Care); (Fatigue) (Treating Opioid dependency & Chronic Pain); (Chr. Pain) (Palliative Care at the end of life) (Tx of CA Pain--Adults; Child) (Pain—CA—Tables) (Chr Pain Management) ( Naloxone) ( Chr. Pain/ Alzheimer's Disease in Elderly) ( Geriatric Pain);299/12/1457?node_id=amacme_course;jama299/12/1457 ( Ac Pain Crisis Tx)***** ( Break-Through Pain) ( CA Pain--TD Buprenorphine) ( Palliative Care for Pts with H& N--CA)******* ***;jama_299_12_1457?node_id=amacme_course;jama299/12/1457  ( Cancer Pain Management) *****************  ( Cancer) ******

Manifestations and Management of Chronic Insomnia in Adults ( Pain Management in the Elderly)

Improving Pharmaceutical Care of the Elderly Patient with GERD

Combination Opioid Therapy: Strategies for the Treatment of Moderate to Moderate-Severe Pain

Slowing Disease Progression: Practical Management of Dementia in Primary Care – Part 1: Early Screening and Diagnosis

Slowing Disease Progression: Practical Management of Dementia in Primary Care – Part 2: Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease: Clinical Considerations ( COPD) ( UTI) **************SLIDES ********************************************************* ********OPIOID ERRORS/ EQUIANALGESIC DOSES (Federal Regulations)******** (Library) (Regional Anesthesia & Pain Management). ( Acute POST-OPERATIVE------- Pain Management). (End-Of-Life Pain Management),14&mtyid=10&cetid=0,1&pdr=0&clntr=0&clntru=/clinical_trials/?clu=397&mtid=12 (Managing Pain & End-of-Life issues) (Pain Management in the Peri-Operative Setting);jama_296_24_2959?node_id=amacme_course;jama296/24/2959  ( End-of-Life Care for Homeless Patients) ************

The Model Policy for the Use of Controlled Substances for the Treatment of Pain,67 adopted by the house of delegates of the Federation of State Medical Boards of the United States in 2004, was designed to provide state medical boards with information regarding the appropriate management of pain in compliance with state and federal laws and regulations. It defines inappropriate treatment as including "non-treatment, undertreatment, overtreatment, and the continued use of ineffective treatments."67 Twenty-four state medical boards have adopted all or part of the guidelines for their own policies.68 The Model Policy identifies the components of effective management: a complete medical history, including information on the nature of pain, current and prior treatment, coexisting disease, effect on physical and psychological function, history of substance use and medical indications for use of controlled substance; written treatment plan, including objectives, further evaluations planned, and other modalities used; informed consent and agreement for the treatment, including risks and benefits of use of controlled substances, designation of one clinician to prescribe, and written agreement if the patient has a history of substance use; and periodic review of progress toward goals, including information on improved or diminished function. They also recommend consultation with substance use and psychiatric experts, as needed.67

Social Work 'Services'- for needy Patients (Home Care Givers); (Speech & Language Therapists) (Compare HH Agencies). (U.S. Dept of Health & Human Services). (Occupational & Physical therapists/ Psychologists, Counselors/ West Tennessee Health Care); Neuropsychologists for memory problems..... (U.N./ World Food Program). (Life Coach Training). (Local Health Departments/ Reportable Diseases...Labs...)******* (Licensed Health Facilities)*********

Tennessee Health Resources******** .... ? some Home Health services do provide speech therapists eg. s/p-- stroke. (Child protective Services). (Pregnancy Insurance/  WIC-Medicaid-Local Funding Org). (Emergency Housing/ Homelessness)

Health Insurance/ Govt. Medical Assistance; Prescription Drug Coverage (Medicare) (Medicaid) (*********************)***); (Medicare Part D).***) (Social Welfare/ Food Stamps...)---U.S Dept of Health & Human Services. (includes DISABILITY benefits); (Disability Insurance Quotes). (Long Term Care Insurance). ( Testing/ Qualification for Disability Income)   ************ (Before signing up for prescription benefits) (State Prescription  Drug Assistance Programs); (National Prescription Drug Assistance Programs); (Treatment Discount Cards); (Internet Discount Pharmacies); (Prescription Drug Coverage Comparison Websites);; (Tennessee); (*************); (*************);



Transportation (Non-Emergency Medical Transportation).

Medicare, Medicaid, State-Run 'Worker's Compensation & Rehab' Programs, 'Home & Community -based' Health Services,

Senior Nutrition & Medical Programs, Veteran's Programs for persons with Disabilities.

Lifeline Services (Alarms/ from American Red Cross); (States where services are offered); (Lifeline/ Poisons-Toxicology). (Alarms/ Memphis/ Tennessee);;;; (Ordering Lifeline products); (AEDs/Lifeline Medical Services, Inc.). (LA/ California). (Alarms/ NY); (Alarms/ Framingham--MA) (Blood Supply Services/ West Tennessee) (Kentucky/ Rehabilitative Respiratory Programs--Work with Medicaid) (Air-Ambulance Services); (Delaware/ Pregnant Teens & Young Women). (Illinois). ( Dept of Administration/ Kansas/ for personal problems, family conflicts, or job-related stresses/ Drug and alcohol issues /Child care and elder care concerns). ( Weight Management) (Washington State/ Cancer Lifeline) (Low-Cost Telephone). (Hospice Care)********** (Adult Protective Services).


Council on Aging/ Services Offered ; Alzheimer's Disease (Welcome to the Eldercare Locator, a public service of the U.S. Administration on Aging. The Eldercare Locator connects older Americans and their caregivers with sources of information on senior services. The service links those who need assistance with state and local area agencies on aging and community-based organizations that serve older adults and their caregivers).;297/1/77?node_id=amacme_course;jama297/1/77  ( assessment of FALLS in the elderly)***  **********( Geriatric Medicine) **********Among older adults, memory complaints are reported by as many as 56%. ( Scales for measuring AD);jama_300_13_1566?node_id=amacme_course;jama300/13/1566  : Even complaints without objectively demonstrable memory impairment may predict a mildly increased risk for later dementia. This subjective memory impairment (SMI) may also reflect the presence of depression, neuroticism, anxiety, fatigue, stress, chronic pain, disordered sleep, substance abuse, untoward effects of prescription medications, and/or other medical conditions.

MCI patients are divided into 4 subgroups: amnestic single domain, amnestic multiple domain, nonamnestic single domain, and nonamnestic multiple domain.

Table 1

Table. Clinical Features of Age-Related Cognitive Decline, Subjective Memory Impairment, Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI), and Dementia

AMNews: Aug. 4, 2008. Assessing self-neglect in older patients****** ( Fitness for Older Adults) (Accommodating aging/ Checklist)*********** (FCA-Family Care Giver Alliance).  ( Alzheimer's Disease/ DD....) ***********************************  ( Diagnosis of AD) ******************************************** ( Chr. Constipation in the Elderly) (TN) (TN) (Staying Active) Medicaid); Social Security); (Veteran's Administration); (Alzheimer's-- Health Professionals & Care Givers). (Drugs). ( offers support to help families identify their older loved one's needs and care requirements in order to make sound decisions about the best senior housing and care.). ( A seniors' guide to health, housing, legal, financial, retirement, lifestyles, news and entertainment information on the World Wide Web). (To Compare different Nursing Homes for the Elderly). (Elder Care Services) (Senior Living--NH, Assisted Living, Senior Apartments, Retirement Communities). (includes Transportation services) (Interconnecting seniors from around the World).

Meals on Wheels - Official(***************); (USA, Canada). (Home Care Givers/ USA). (Geriatrics) (Living Wills, Durable Power of Attorneys/ USA)  (Long Term Care/ Quote);; (Hospice News)*** (Medicaid Q & A, for NH placement...) (Resources/ Services) (American Bar Association/ Books/ Wills). (Advance Directives Wallet Card/ Brochures for Families/ Q & A)*****, (Form)***** (Care of the Elderly/ All information, including End-Of-Life Issues and Hospice Care/ Physicians/ All States in USA)********* (NIH)  




Palliative Care (Palliative Prognostic Score) ( ESAS) ( MSAS);jama_301_6_651?node_id=amacme_course;jama301/6/651 (Hospice care) ( CAM) ( MDAS)

Medications. As patients approach death, reassess the need for each medication and minimize the number of drugs that the patient is taking. Continue only those medications needed to manage symptoms such as pain, breathlessness, excess secretions, and terminal delirium and to reduce the risk of seizures. Choose the least invasive route of administration: the buccal mucosa or oral routes first, the transcutaneous route if appropriate, the subcutaneous or intravenous routes only if necessary, and the intramuscular route almost never. Rectal administration can also be considered, especially if the oral route is not possible. ( The last hrs of dying/ A practical approach to Physicians).

Numerical Rating Scale 0-5 Numerical Rating Scale 0-10 Numerical ...


Tables of Tools to Measure Oncology Nursing-Sensitive Patient ... ( Cancer Dyspnea Scale)

Usefulness of the modified 0-10 Borg scale in assessing the degree ...

Shortness-of-Breath Visual Numeric Scale - Research Instruments ...