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3)CDC/ Includes- reporting Communicable Diseases/ Emergency Preparedness...




Behavior Health


Substance Abuse Treatment/ Facilities/ Referring them to the Mental Health Centers--Drug Counselors---Social Workers--Alcohol& Narcotic Anonymous


Disability Associated Resources


Pain Management/ Rhuematology/ Cancer


Social Work 'Services'- for needy Patients


Health Insurance/ Govt. Medical Assistance; Prescription Drug Coverage




Lifeline Services


Council on Aging/ Services Offered ; Alzheimer's Disease


Palliative Care (Palliative Prognostic Score) ( ESAS) ( MSAS);jama_301_6_651?node_id=amacme_course;jama301/6/651 (Hospice care) ( CAM) ( MDAS)

Medications. As patients approach death, reassess the need for each medication and minimize the number of drugs that the patient is taking. Continue only those medications needed to manage symptoms such as pain, breathlessness, excess secretions, and terminal delirium and to reduce the risk of seizures. Choose the least invasive route of administration: the buccal mucosa or oral routes first, the transcutaneous route if appropriate, the subcutaneous or intravenous routes only if necessary, and the intramuscular route almost never. Rectal administration can also be considered, especially if the oral route is not possible. ( The last hrs of dying/ A practical approach to Physicians).

Numerical Rating Scale 0-5 Numerical Rating Scale 0-10 Numerical ...


Tables of Tools to Measure Oncology Nursing-Sensitive Patient ... ( Cancer Dyspnea Scale)

Usefulness of the modified 0-10 Borg scale in assessing the degree ...

Shortness-of-Breath Visual Numeric Scale - Research Instruments ...



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