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Cancer (Guidelines);;


Causes:  Genetics/ Lifestyle (... some food like.. pickles, fatty food; smoking; no physical activity, stress; some infections; alcohol; ...etc)/ Environmental-toxins...

(Prevention: is the best cure?)

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- (WTC attack/ CA risk) (F/U of PSA levels S/P Prostatectomy in P. CA) (Prostate CA screen);jama_304_21_2397?node_id=amacme_course;jama304_21_2397 (MM) (CA/ Basics) (Birt-Hogg-Dube syndrome) (Diffuse large B cell lymphoma/ sinusitis?) (Starting @ age 30 yrs; pap smear and HPV test q 3 yearly, if negative../ Cervical CA screen) (CA screen in the OLD) (Premetrexed/ Non Squamous- NSCLC) (Cervical CA screen) (Metastatic Colon CA/ Rogerafinib) (Orteronel/ Advanced Prostate CA). (Pancreatic CA) (M. Myeloma) (Breast MRI--Indications) Thyroid cancer, in children. ACP Offers Advice for 'Wiser' Cancer Screening. ACOG Issues Guidelines for Hereditary Cancer Screening. Some Cancer Patients Need Hepatitis B Virus Screening Before Therapy. Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia May Not Be Inevitable in Aging Men. USPSTF Updates Its Breast Cancer Screening Recommendations -- Higher Sensitivity for Liver Cancer Diagnosis with CT, MRI. -- Primary Chemotherapy as Good as Primary Surgery for Advanced Ovarian Cancer? Similar to Radiation for Prostate Cancer Bone Pain.; Inconsistent Compliance With Prostate Cancer Active Surveillance Protocol (APC gene test/ Familial Adenomatous Polyposis) (ALL) (Hematuria/ CT urogram)--Causes (Liver CA/ Radioembolization) (Endometrial CA/ causes) (Breast CA screening) (Lung CA screen) (Breast CA; F/U--) (Kidney CA) (Colon CA/ CT, ST) (Ovarian CA) (SL fentanyl/ CA pain) (Ewing’s sarcoma);archderm_147_6_689?node_id=amacme_course;archderm147_6_689 (KTRs/ SCC check) (Lynch syndrome) (Gynecological cancers) (Brain tumor/ epilepsy) (Cabozantinib for CA) (Bone Tumors) (Inadequate Prep/ Missed adenomas) (Lung CA detection) (mCRPC)--The mechanism of action of abiraterone acetate is to reduce testosterone production (Radon/ Lung CA). (Lung Transplantation) (Nitrofurantoin lung toxicity) (Clubbing/ signs) (Leukemia) (PET/ MRI--CA detection) (2012/ CRC screen) (Ipilimumab/ Melanoma) (Reticulated white lip) (CA prevention);archotol_137_2_163?node_id=amacme_course;archotol137_2_163 (HPV) (Cervical CA). (Glioblastoma Multiforum) (CA--- RFs) (CA meds/ AEs) (CA/ Exercise) (Prostate biopsy) Children) (HPV screen/ Proposal);archsurg_147_2_137?node_id=amacme_course;archsurg147_2_137 (HCC/ Liver resection, F/U, Recurrence) (HPV DNA testing, 3 yearly/ all SA women with cervix, over 30 yrs of age). (Ovarian CA) (CA screen) (PSA test) (NE markers/ good response to TX-- NSC-Lung CA). (Cervical CA) --- 2012 (Gliomas--Brain/ Resection) (Surgery in HBV-HCC/ Tumor recurrence/ NAs) (UCT/ Blood CAs) (VTE prevention/ ultra-low-molecular-weight heparin semuloparin) (Enzalutamide/ Prostate CA) (Cutaneous nodule/ Gastric adeno CA mets) (PET/ Brain CA) (PSA Screening) (Insomnia, and, HF) (NE Carcinoma—Ethmoid & F                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     rontal sinus) (CXR/ Elderly) (CT/ PET-- Bone mets) (US/ Mammography--Breast CA) (Split-Colon Prep, Cecal Intubations, CME) (RT/ Childhood CA? DM) (MF-- Intraabdominal Myelolipoma). (Melanoma) (Melanoma) (Sweet syndrome/ Hematological malignancies). (BRCA genes/ Breast CA) (Cabozantinib/ Thy Med- CA) (GIS tumor) (Cervical CA screen/ 2012) (“) (Prostate lumpectomy)

Cancer Risk Increased by Excess Body Fat, Red and Processed Meats, and Alcohol ( Guidelines) ****** (PET-CT scanning for Lung CA staging & Diagnosis) (H. Lymphoma)  ( Palensetron--CT--N, Vomiting) (Cancer: The Basics)************************  (Cancer)*************** (Cancer Network)************ (Exercise for CA)************** (Lymphedema; Breast CA) (Raloxifene, Tamoxifen for Breast CA prevention) (Testicular CA) (S. Body RT) (Cervical Ca screen)

MRI and positron emission tomography (PET)/computed tomography (CT) play key roles in identifying recurrent disease (Cervical CA--Detection of Recurrence & Mets) (TX of bony mets) (FITs, to rule-out CA) (Aspiration of breast lumps) (Prostate CA screen--Guidelines);archneur_67_3_322?node_id=amacme_course;archneur67_3_322 (CA—PET, CT, US, X-R, Biopsy, MRI, Seology, Exam of fluids) (Clear cell adeno CA of the colon)

The Society of Thoracic Surgeons practice guideline series: guidelines for the management of Barrett's esophagus with high-grade dysplasia. (Do not use paroxetine & fluoxetine when  tamoxifen is being used) (ADT F/U in  P. CA) (Hot flashes / Breast CA) (At what age do cancer screening risks add more risks than benefit) (Colorectal CA screening guidelines) (Biologic therapy) (Biologic therapy) (Biological therapy) (Dementia) (Elder Abuse) (FRAX--OP RX Guidelines) (Paroxetine with tamoxifen: Breast CA risk) (EOL care: Nutrition/ Hydration) (Breat CA screening) (White oral lesion) (? Urine: N telopeptide of Type I bone collagen-- is a marker of bone resorption) -- Approximately 90% of the bone organic matrix is made of type 1 collagen… (AI/ Tamoxifen) (ALL) (ADT; Prostate CA) (Mammogram) (NHL) (Mechanism of action of Tamoxifen); (AI: MOA) (Biomarkers for CRC) (Tibolone, Raloxifene, Tamoxifen) (Do not use paroxetine & fluoxetine in Breast CA pts) (Bladder CA) (Bladder CA) (Breast CA screening) (Ovarian CA/ Symptomatology) (Esophageal CA)

Erythrocytosis caused by erythropoietin-producing thymic carcinoma (Adeno CA—Lung) (Rasburicase; TLS TX) (Li- Fraumeni syndrome); (Large B cell lymphoma);jama_303_24_2513?node_id=amacme_course;jama303_24_2513 (Myelofibrosis) (Soy--Protein/ Isoflavone) (Prostate CA) (P. CA) (Ovarian CA) (Gliomas); (Brain Tumor Association)***** (Estimating risk of Ovarian CA)

  Medullary thyroid cancer: management guidelines of the American Thyroid Association.

Revised American Thyroid Association management guidelines for patients with thyroid nodules  and differentiated thyroid cancer. (TX of LCH);archderm_146_2_149?node_id=amacme_course;archderm146_2_149 (Cutaneous LCH) (Meningioma) (Met Colon CA) (PSA levels in men on 5 ARIs) (Diagnosis & management of adnexal masses) (F/U of Solitary Pulmonary nodule) (Prostate CA screening)--? (Hematospermia) (Barrette’s esophagus) (Neurological disorders/ Paraneoplastic syndromes) (PSA/ DRE-- in low risk Prostate CA) (Pancreatic Adeno CA); Leucovorin) (Letrozole/ Vit D, Calcium, Zoledronic acid)—ER + / - PR ----Primary Breast CA (PCC; MEN syndromes) (Medullary CA of Thyroid);archotol_136_2_120?node_id=amacme_course;archotol136_2_120 (Recurrent DTC)—Thyroid CA (MRI--Breast CA); ( Barrett's Esophagus/ Guidelines) ( CRC Screening Guidelines) ( Tamoxifen, Letrozole--Breast CA) ( Tamoxifen, Aromatase-I ) ( Hematolgy CA--F/U of response to Tx) ( HPV) (Cervical CA) ( F/U-- of adult survivors of Childhood CA);   (Lymphedema) (ALL) (Prostate CA--- Chemo-prevention) (Lab--biomarkers) (Hypercalcemia--Malignancy). (Counseling for Breast CA) (Metastases/ Colon CA) (CA screening in the older pt) (Prostate CA screening) (PSA Screen/ @ age 40) (CL-CA) (MM; MGUS) (Breast-CA screening in women treated with Chest-RT) (Mammogram, MRI, US) (Octreotide-- for NE tumors) ( Tx of Breast Ca related Symptoms) ( MM--Prednisone, Mephalan, Bortezomib) (Brachytherapy) (Hodgkin’s lymphoma-- F/U-- after remission) (SSRIs; Reduce the effect of Tamoxifen) ( Early Prostate CA--Monitoring) ( Breast Ca------CT +  Paclitaxel) ( Prostate Ca--Urine test for PCA 3 gene) (C. Tx-- nausea; Dexamethasone, ondansetron, NK antagonist)***** (CIN F/U after TX: Cervical Cytology, HPV testing, Colposcopy-- for about 20 yrs) (Prevention & Tx of Venous TE in CA Pts) (Use of Tumor Markers in Breast CA) ( Interpreting Mammograms);299/12/1457?node_id=amacme_course;jama299/12/1457 ( Ac Pain Crisis Tx)***** ( Break-Through Pain) ( Palliative Care for Pts with H& N--CA) (F/ U of Breast Ca survivors) ( QOC)---CA ( HPV/ Pap) ( Vit E & CA risk) (Bras/ Breast CA) (Fluorescence imaging techniques for Oral CA) (Cervical CA screening) (Prostate CA--TX options) (CA); (BPH/ Prostate CA) (Hormone TX/ Breast CA);jama_305_22_2335?node_id=amacme_course;jama305_22_2335 (CRC/ ST+CT);          Prostate cancer ; (ALL; CLL) CML Patients on Imatinib Live as Long as General Population; (AML) (CA/ Guidelines) (Breast CA Screen/ US & mammography) (HR + Breast CA/ Anastrozole + Fulvestrant) (KTRs/ SCC) (Annual LDCT/ Lung CA screen, 55-74 yrs, with RFs).;jama_305_4_391?node_id=amacme_course;jama305_4_391 (Sarcoidosis); Bevacizumab Shows Promise in Metastatic Bladder Cancer (Brachytherapy/ Breast CA) Return Often Tipped by Symptoms at 'Interval' Visits. Cuts the Risk for 13 Cancers. Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma Classification Provides Better Staging. 'Smarter' Use Resurrect PSA Testing? on CRC Screening -- Use Any Test, but Screen. Breast Cancer Recurrence Justifies Further Imaging. Women May Need Pap Testing after Hysterectomy.




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